Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at War Over Billy Bob Thornton

Thursday, November 8, 2012

BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been arguing again.

According to reports, Pitt is furious that Jolie secretly recorded her ex-husband’s new TV series Elementary.

Their argument, sources say, started after Angelina tuned in to the show’s first episode on Sept. 27, telling Brad that she wanted to “critique Jonny’s acting performance and see how he’s aged”.

“Afterward, Angelina told Brad that she thought the show was so bad she could barely make it through the entire episode,” said the source.

“But later Brad discovered that Angie had been recording Elementary behind his back and then watching the episodes when he wasn’t around.

“Her daughters Zahara and Shiloh have a crush on Jonny, and Angelina’s boys think the show is cool too. Of course, when Brad found out their kids were fans of Jonny’s show, it made him even more furious!

“It took some swift talk­ing on Angelina’s part, but she was eventually able to calm Brad down. She reassured him that her heart belongs to him and that Jonny isn’t a threat to their relationship.”


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  • jilly

    Worst couple in the world! Can’t stand either one of them.

    • REX

      Yet your on an article about them Dumbo!!!

      • jilly

        Are you still breathing REX? Stop that, stop that right now!!!

  • Falconetti

    I love them. Terrific people. However this story is BS!!! They can’t even do the basic research to discover that Thornton isn’t even in “Elementary”.

    • Nic

      It wasn’t Billy Bob in the show – it was Jonny Lee Miller her first husband.


    I would be not surprised if Jolie’s children secretly watched “Friends”

    • jilly

      They probably secretly wishing that their Mom was Jennifer who is sweet and funny and doesn’t scream at them. Poor kids!

      • Julia

        exactly nancy’s dream… she was secretly wishing that her daughter is angie who is sweet and loving to her mom unlike chinifer who screams at her and abandoned her when she was sick. it’s not a secret that her ‘sweet and funny (NOT) daughter did not invite her to her wedding with brad. Poor mama!

      • CL.GARRY

        Her mama was a very egocentric person. She was molested by own beauty. Nancy a Model! Nancy an Actress! Nobody can be more beautiful! But oops – her own daughter can be more beautiful, more talented, and more sweet! That was a hug trial for mommies ego. Nancy has a life she deserves.

      • jilly

        Julia here forgot to mention that the PERFECT DAUGHTER (Jolie) stole her beloved mother’s boyfriend, hahahahaha

      • CL.GARRY

        Yeah, she did to mothers friend all the perfect daughter must do! Oh, poor-poor mommies friend!

  • Nic

    Maybe the show just took up too much room on the recorder and her couldn’t record the Bold and the Beautiful??

  • ddfswe

    bullshit happened in setember where hearin now idiot