Dr Phil McGraw’s Marriage on The Rocks!

Monday, November 12, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1146] TV star Dr. Phil McGraw‘s marriage is on the brink of collapse, according to a new report.

Robin McGraw is said to be furious because she wants a larger role on his talk show.

“Since moving Robin into the palatial estate it seems like their marriage is worse than it was before,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Phil still is ver­bally abusive to Robin and is constantly putting her down. They engage in fights and screaming matches. For Robin, it’s like he’s turned the place into her own personal ‘House of Horrors.’

“The location has changed over the past two years, but the story is the same. Phil continues to batter her self-esteem. But Robin is a smart and talented woman, and friends continue to push her to dump him for good.

“Phil’s got a likable on-screen persona, but behind the scenes, TV viewers would not recognize him. With Robin at home, he has an ugly Jekyll-and-Hyde person­ality.

“Phil’s ego is sky-high because he’s back on top, and he continues to deny Robin more airtime on the show.

“Robin is a self-help guru in her own right. She’s published two best-selling books and has taken meetings with studios about hosting her own talk show. But if she doesn’t stay in the spotlight on Phil’s show, her popularity will fade.

“It’s almost turned into a competitive situation and has made for some fights between the two.

“I think Dr. Phil thought he could buy Robin off by getting her a big new house.

“He figured that would let him off the hook so he could go off and do his thing and she’d leave him alone. But THAT didn’t work.”



  • Abigail

    She needs to get a job that is her own and is not part of what her husband does for a living. If she is smart, ambitious and wants to excel in the workplace, then get her own job and build on that. It is much healthier for couples to work separately; they become more interesting to each other.

  • Deb Brown

    What cr-p. there way of handling things, come on…….Who wrote this sh-t.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe any of this crap!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle