Justin Bieber ‘Begging Selena Gomez to Take Him Back’

Thursday, November 15, 2012

JUSTIN Bieber is desperate to get back with Selena Gomez.

According to RadarOnline, Bieber has been texting Selena non-stop since their surprising split.

“The problem in the first place is that Selena was a little bit of a jealous girlfriend and Justin wasn’t really taking her feelings into regard,” a source said.

“Justin doesn’t see texting other girls as cheating, but he’s promised Selena he’ll stop if she takes him back.

“He is texting her like crazy trying to stay in her good graces.

“If either one of them slows down and they actually have the chance to spend time together again, they will end up back together.

“Both Justin and Selena have parents that started their families at a very young age and they’ve witnessed what a struggle it is emotionally. Also, Justin is a branding genius and would never alienate the majority of his audience by getting married at 18.

“And even though Selena can be a little jealous about other women, she’s never been jealous of Justin’s career. As far as she’s concerned, she began her career before YouTube — where Justin launched his — was even a thought. She’s proud of Justin’s success, but certainly isn’t jealous and doesn’t see him as the phenom that everyone else does.”



  • jilly

    Justin is a little bratt and Selena should just kick him to the curb!

  • stargurllondon

    i think they should get back together in one way