Johnny Depp Being Used by Amber Heard?

Friday, November 16, 2012

JOHNNY Depp‘s friends are worried he’s being used by his new girlfriend, bisexual actress Amber Heard.

Insiders say the actor — who split from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis earlier this year — is blinded by love for Amber and he’s already angling for marriage and kids.

“Johnny’s absolutely head over heels in love,” a source said. “He wants to spend the rest of his life with Amber and make her a superstar.

“The problem for Johnny is that Amber is a free spirit who probably won’t stick around. You get the feeling that he’s much more into her than she’s into him.”

Johnny and Amber split for a brief period, but are said to have reconciled after the actor wooed her with handwritten poems and flowers.

“Although Amber and Johnny have electric chemistry, she felt that as they are both out of long-term relationships, they needed to be single for a while,” a source said.

“Johnny didn’t give up though — he missed her so much over the summer. They both love literature and the way he tried to win her back totally worked.

“Once they flew to his island in the Bahamas for a romantic break a couple of weeks ago, they were back on as a couple. Johnny’s the type to fall hard and he’s vowed not to let a girl like Amber, who’s beautiful and intelligent, slip through his fingers.”


  • rachel

    Come on guys..where are the photos of them together? This is a lie !

  • guest1

    Johnny just didn’t break up with Vanessa. He only recently ANNOUNCED it. Pictures can be seen of Vanessa as far back as January 2012 in France without her ring on. Him and Amber do have a lot in common, which I won’t go into here. Whether she is using him or not is not our business. Johnny is not stupid. He knows exactly what he is getting into. He plans for the future but lives in the present. After she moves on I have no doubt he will find another beautiful woman by his side. We haven’t seen pictures yet, but we will. I wouldn’t surprised if he brings her to awards show this winter and this is a PR move to prepare people for it. Back in October there are pictures of her in Venice, CA wearing a men’s black indian head shirt identical to the one Johnny wears…the one he wore while filming POTC4 and I have to believe it is his. In the pictures she is aslo wearing native american bracelet and carrying a blue flannel, also like the one he wears. Of course this could be a concidence but I don’t think so. This is not her usual attire. Another PR move???? Perhaps.

  • Andrea Valenzuela

    There are a clip (youtube) from last night with them together after Johnny performed at Petty Fest.

    And I don’t believe what “Star” said! just because Amber is still friend with her former girlfriend doesn’t mean they are together as a couple! Also I’m not buying Johnny “blind” by her and wanting to marry her! My god!

  • Didy

    I saw the video right now. The video which shows Amber getting into Johnny’s car after leaving Petty Fest yesterday. And I don’t belive this story about him being used by her. They’ve been together for at least seven or eight months. Leave them alone. Let’s try to make things easier for them. They’re a beautiful couple.

  • Hernanie

    I find him silly, really silly and pretentious.
    Money can’t buy everything, certainly not beautiful humanity.
    I like Vanessa… discrete in her suffering. Beauty is in her heart.

  • Nelly

    Of course he’s being used he’s making himself look really stupid now I always thought he’ll get with eva green who more beautiful than that homewrecker! I think personally that she’s been scouting for him since they’ve worked Together in the rum Diarys! It feels like he’s changed & he doesn’t care for vanessa anymore he said that she’s the love of his life you would think he wouldn’t go straight into a relationship with that homewrecker but you know what I don’t think Amber cares about the age difference because it’s johnny Depp if he was an normal bloke she wouldn’t even go their I personally think that he did have an affair with the homewrecker I thought highly of johnny Depp I thought he wasn’t like the rest of the typical Hollywood actors but guess I was wrong he’s bedding a girl who could be his daughter!

  • Miacat

    Amber is possibly the worse actress to star opposite Johnny since Heather Graham’s Dick Van Dyke impression in From Hell. If Johnny wants to make her a superstar actress, he’s fighting a losing battle! Was IS he thinking? The phase pussy whipped comes to mind! She might be beautiful but the world is full of beautiful women. intelligent? I think not! From her interviews she’s just trying so hard to big herself up & make out shes so cool because she loves muscles cars! She’s bi-sexual therefore shes such a freespirt! Its all PR bull! Johnny could do much better, he’ll see through her soon enough.