Barack Obama Disses Bill Clinton!

Friday, November 16, 2012

BARACK Obama has apparently betrayed Bill Clinton!

According to a new report from America’s Globe magazine, Clinton risked his fragile health by campaigning tirelessly for Obama, but ungrateful Barack is now trashing Bill and his wife Hillary to his top aides.

“Obama’s two-faced cruelty is shocking,” a source said.

Before he won a second term in office, it was claimed Barack’s marriage to wife Michelle Obama is a shame.

“Barack and Michelle put on a good show when they’re out in pub­lic, but as soon as the cameras are off they are at each other’s throats,” a source said.

“They make a lot of political capi­tal about how close they are and how important their marriage is to them — but the reality is that it’s been a sham for a long time.

“Michelle didn’t want all the at­tention and she didn’t want to raise their children under such magnified scrutiny. But she was eventually persuaded to go along with Barack and support the campaign.

“She was also under public attack for wasting taxpayer dollars on her lavish vacation and spending sprees – and she just couldn’t take anoth­er minute living in the fishbowl.

“She didn’t want Barack to seek re-election at the time. She’d had it with everything and that’s when the never-before-disclosed second conference with the divorce attorney took place.

“She was told, however, that it would destroy the White House if she took things further, and she was advised that if it helped, she should move into a guest bedroom or seek therapy.

“Close aides say their screaming fights behind closed doors are so loud they can clearly hear the shouting.

“If the election goes badly for Obama, his job might not be all he loses. His mar­riage may be over as well.”

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