Bill Clinton is Sick? Former President Fuels Speculation He’s Dying

Sunday, November 18, 2012

BILL Clinton fueled rumors about his health during a recent night out with Kevin Spacey in London earlier this week.

The former President cut a frail figure as he made his way out of Scotts restaurant in Mayfair on Thursday.

Clinton was wearing a dark brown suit and kept his head down as he made his exit, according to these pictures by Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Meanwhile, Clinton has reportedly vowed to keep fighting for life.

“I’m determined to live to be a grandfather,” he said, according to America’s Globe magazine.

It’s believed Bill is desperate to see his daughter, Chelsea Clinton, be a mom.

It was recently claimed Bill has turned to Buddhist meditation and chanting to beat his agony.

The former President apparently only has six months to live, and is torment from emotional and physical ills.

“His weight loss is shocking and recent agonizing heartbreaks have driven him to try chanting in a desperate bid to find relief,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

Back in July, it was reported that Bill has been begging wife Hillary to call off their divorce before he dies.

The former President is said to be ailing fast and devastated that he won’t live to see his first grandchild, Globe magazine reports.

“Bill has lost a shocking amount of weight and insiders say he has just six months to live,” dished a mole.[imagebrowser id=529]


  • Codfish

    That picture of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that was supposedly taken at a party in the Hamptons WAS NOT a current picture!! Hillary’s hair is short in this picture and former Preisdent Bill Clinton does not appear to look as he does now, in November of 2012. I just pray that the reports of his ill health are SO wrong. He is SUCH an intelligent man and we desperately need his wisdom!! If, in fact, he is truly ill, which we have been afraid of for a while now, we just hope and pray that Hillary will not disrespect him at this poignant juncture in his life. It would be easy for her to do so, but I believe that she has too much class to do that. God be with them all as they go on this frightening journey.

  • Greg

    I hope not, he looked good during the election?

  • Anonymous

    Clinton has lost so much weight because he has changed to a healthy vegan diet to reverse his heart disease.

    • Judit Victor

      I lost half my high cholesterol on a high fat keto diet. I state this as true and correct. I eat oily fish, fatty beef and lamb, little bit of veggies and fruit, cream with my eggs every morning and my life has turned around to the astonishment of my doctors. My doc said the blood numbers cannot lie.

  • jilly

    He looks better than ever. So anybody who loses some weight is dying? Not true!

    • Toni

      Absolutely agree, and that anybody includes Angelina Jolie.

  • Fred Donaldson

    Kevin Spacey and Bill Clinton – House of Cards actor and inspiration together – two union haters having fun.

  • scottr

    Bogus…..bill will live forever

  • Ted3

    August 2013 update: Bill Clinton still has only months to live according to the latest tabloid report. One day, they’ll get it right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Andy

    we couldn’t be so lucky

  • Cate

    What is WRONG with you writers? He became a strict vegan for health reasons, so of course he’s lost a lot of weight. This article is irresponsible and an example of bad pseudo-journalism.