Scarlett Johansson Has a New Boyfriend?

Monday, November 19, 2012

SCARLETT Johansson doesn’t stay single for long.

The actress — who split from boyfriend Nate Taylor last month — was spotted having dinner with a mystery man at New York’s Beatrice Inn last week and onlookers say they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

“They were very lovey-dovey and holding hands under the table all night. They were holding each other while outside smoking in the cold,” said the insider.

“He was dark-haired and slightly taller than her but skinny and he may have been speaking French at one point.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Scarlett was left heartbroken when she found out her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds married Gossip Girl star Blake Lively.

“Even though there is no evidence behind it, Scarlett has convinced herself that Ryan cheated on her with Blake,” a source said.

“She’s incredibly bitter about it. In a way, Scarlett feels like Blake actually stole Ryan from her, because it was when he started shooting Green Lantern with Blake in 2010 that everything fell apart.

“Scarlett thinks that Blake is a total phony and a complete fame monster

“Scarlett also considers Blake to be a cheap version of herself. They’ve actually auditioned for the same roles a few times and Blake has always lost out.

“Ryan and Blake’s wedding has brought back a lot of pain for Scarlett. She’s sure that Blake deliberately seduced Ryan, even though she knew he was attached at the time.

“On top of that, she feels like it’s a huge slap in the face that Ryan would remarry this fast. Scarlett is happy and dating, but she assumed he would wait a few years before he tied the knot again.”