Tom Cruise Hates Not Seeing Suri

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TOM Cruise bursts into tears at night because he hasn’t seen his adorable daughter.

The actor was recently divorced by his wife Katie Holmes and sources say the Hollywood star is heartbroken being away from his little girl.

“He cries at night because he misses her so much,” the insider revealed.

“Both of them are taking the divorce really hard, and it’s tough on Katie because she has to deal with Suri’s public meltdowns.

“But Suri knows she’s deeply loved by both her mommy and daddy. And she’s bravely facing all the changes brought on by the divorce just like any other normal little girl would.”


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  • JCH

    I think all Tom cares about is Tom. His career and cult come before his precious child. Its not like he needs the money anymore.