Johnny Depp in Love With Amber Heard

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

JOHNNY Depp has told Amber Heard that he loves her.

According to reports, Depp has fallen hard and fast for The Rum Diary actress.

“They were flirty and engaged,” an eyewitness who saw Johnny and Amber at Hollywood’s AV Nightclub in early November told Us magazine.

Another source at a Gucci party in October said Amber, 26, was “telling people they were officially together.”

Sources recently claimed Depp — who split from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis earlier this year — is blinded by love for Amber and he’s already angling for marriage and kids.

“Johnny’s absolutely head over heels in love,” a source said. “He wants to spend the rest of his life with Amber and make her a superstar.

“The problem for Johnny is that Amber is a free spirit who probably won’t stick around. You get the feeling that he’s much more into her than she’s into him.”



  • christin

    i am so happy for him!!!he is the best and i love to know that he has found love again!!!

    • jilly

      With a young girl who could be his daughter!!!

  • Elizabethl

    His die hard fans would still love him if he dated a 12 year old boy. He knows that.

  • Nelly

    So he’s come out of an 14 year relationship with the woman who had his children & went straight into another relationship he said loads of times that Vanessa was the love of his life & now he’s had an affair with some 26 year old bisexual & that he’s in love with her & he wants marriage & kids lol am so hoping that Vanessa & his kids don’t ever read the tabloids You would think he’ll wait to be in another relationship some1 who is better than that other woman!