Matt Lauer Being Fired From TODAY?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MATT Lauer is getting the boot from the TODAY show.

The 54-year-old TV veteran is being ousted from the program after years of clashing with his co-anchors and the NBC morning show’s ratings tanking.

“It’s just desserts. Matt is finally getting what he deserves!” a source said.

“His years-long feuds with former co-hosts Katie Couric, Meredith Vie­ira and Ann Curry have taken their toll. Everyone has turned against him, and Matt is going to be ousted because he’s being blamed for the show’s collapse.”

Sources say well-liked weatherman Al Roker is secretly plotting to push Lauer aside, and will lobby the new boss for help.

“Matt and Al used to be good bud­dies — until Al found out Matt had been instrumental in Ann’s ouster,” said the source. “They come across as friends on the air, but that’s all an act.

“Adding a fresh new guy like Willie Geist to the mix is just what Al feels To­day needs to help pull the show out of the ratings doldrums and compete with GMA.


  • Shen Li

    KARMA! & Lauer knows it!
    Self inflicted; no one else to
    blame but himself!

  • jilly

    I hope they get rid of him but he has a $30mil. contract with them that they’ll just have to pay him off and cut their losses.

  • dcone2

    He’s really losing it, among other things (his hair).
    It’s time to leave before its all gone.


    KARMA finally showed up, BRING BACK ANN CURRY