Kim Kardashian to Launch Pop Career With Kanye West

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

KIM Kardashian is planning to take on the pop charts with the help of her rapper boyfriend Kanye West.

Kim’s first record bombed in 2011, but she believes Kanye’s magical music touch can turn her into a singing star.

“Succeeding as a vocalist has long been one of Kim’s dreams, but she made a fool of herself the first time she tried to launch a music career,” a source said.

“She swore that she’d never try again, but with Kanye in the pic­ture she’s changing her tune. Kim believes that Kanye’s connections and talent could turn her into the next top 40 singing sensation.

“Kanye has booked two months for Kim at his Honolulu recording studio. He promised to write killer tunes for her and line her up with several of his producer pals.

“He’s also promised Kim that he’ll bankroll the entire venture.

“Even though Jay-Z and many of Kanye’s other music industry friends are begging him to think twice about staking his reputation on Kim’s ques­tionable talent, Kanye is plowing forward.

“He wants to make his future wife’s musical dreams come true.”