Kim Kardashian Feels Handcuffed to Kris Humphries

Thursday, November 29, 2012

KIM Kardashian is desperate to end her marriage to Kris Humphries, because she feels “handcuffed” to the basketball player.

The pair were married for 72 days of marriage in 2011 but with Kris seeking an annulment due to “fraud” rather than a divorce, they are struggling to reach a settlement.

“Miss Kardashian is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries,” Kim’s lawyer told Judge Stephen Moloney in court.

Kris’ attorney Marshall Waller said if Kim wanted the marriage to be over, she just had to agree to his client’s request for an annulment.

Kim has been spotted wearing a promise ring from her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West and is reportedly planning to marry him once the divorce is final.

“She thinks [she and Kanye] will get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final,” a source said.
But the 32-year-old reality star is said to be happy to take her relationship with Kanye slowly because she knows he is the one and has no desire to repeat the same mistake and rush up the aisle like she did with Kris.

“After the backlash from ending her 72-day marriage with Kris, Kim would never get engaged until everything was properly handled. She and Kanye are taking their time. That’s the truth,” said the source.