Mitt Romney’s Wife Wants a Divorce: Report

Friday, November 30, 2012

MITT Romney‘s marriage is in crisis!

According to a report from America’s Globe magazine, Mitt — who recently lost his Presidential campaign to Barack Obama — is apparently set to divorce.

Sources say Romney’s loyal, longtime wife, Ann, told him she’s ready to split.

Ann Romney, it’s believed, it’s entitled to a huge chunk of Mitt’s whopping $250-million-plus fortune.


  • jilly

    A little bit of information would’ve helped with this article. Wants a Divorce, because…….????

    • REX

      He slept with you homewrecker

  • Breeze

    You’re full of crap!

  • Elmo

    For once, I agree with both of you down there. I do not believe this article one bit.

    • Elmo

      Oops, I mean up there. A. A. Gabriel, jilly, and breeze.

  • A.A. Gabriel

    The evil that is the left knows no boundaries until it delivers us to their leader…he who goes by many names.

  • Elmo

    You know what? Adam should just delete this article.

  • F S

    This story was never verified by any reliable source. A fake story pretty much.