Jessica Biel Decorates Her Christmas Tree With Decapitated Barbie Heads

Friday, November 30, 2012

JESSICA Biel has a quirky festive tradition — she decorates her Christmas tree with decapitated Barbie heads.

The actress — who recently married longtime love Justin Timberlake — used to cut the heads off her Barbie Dolls and when she was younger and her parents would let her put them on their festive tree, something she still keeps up.

“My Barbie Dolls didn’t really stick around very long,” she said.

“”I ended up mutilating them by pulling their heads off, cutting off all their hair, dyeing them with markers and sticking them on the Christmas tree lights. They’d light up like these demonic heads. My parents were very open!

“Back then I don’t think people reported that kind of stuff. Now I would definitely be in trouble. I still have the heads. They still go on [my Christmas tree] every year at home.”

Jessica admits she was quite a tomboy while growing up and wanted to be Indiana Jones.

“I played any kind of sport – soccer, football. Whatever it was, I was playing with boys, hanging out,” she said.

“Indiana Jones was my idol. I wanted to be him. I wanted to be an archaeologist because of him. My dad had to explain to me that being an archaeologist means you’re sitting in a pile of dirt digging. It’s not swinging on ropes with a cool whip and a sidekick!”


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