Angelina Jolie’s Christmas Feud With Brad Pitt’s Mom

Friday, November 30, 2012

ANGELINA Jolie is at war with Brad Pitt‘s mom over where the family will be spending Christmas.

The actress apparently doesn’t want to spend the Holidays in the Midwest with Brad’s family.

“As usual, Angie has no desire to spend her holidays in the Midwest, something Brad’s mom, Jane, finds rude and insulting. But Angie couldn’t care less,” a source said.

“They have such different opinions on everything. Brad’s parents are extremely right-wing and religious. Angie has to bite her tongue to keep the peace.

“It’s been a sore point for Brad’s mom for years.

“She loves to have all her grandkids together, but that rarely happens – and she says it’s Angie’s doing.

“Visits to the Pitt home have been awkward for Angelina. She says that not wanting to spend the holidays there isn’t personal, but anyone would see it as a snub.”



  • jilly

    This bitch would do anything to ruin Christmas for the Pitt family. I’m sure this year she will find some far weird third world country to take the whole family to. Somewhere that Christmas is not even being celebrated. Brad should just take the kids and let this Ho be all alone in some jungle.

    • CL.GARRY

      She will molest all the animals. Poor jungle

      • REXX

        Including you

      • CL.GARRY

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      • clsuxdix

        and CL i supposed means COCK-LOVER?

      • CL.GARRY

        “sux dix”? Everyone can see what is on your mind.
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      • maid in manhattan

        read between the lines garry, i think the name is sort of a tribute to you. i can see cl in sux dix name, lol. anyhow yep killing me didn’t kill the box office yet i still love brad. i’ve seen it and i think it’s better than his too presumptous tree of life. killing me softly is good actually

      • CL.GARRY

        I read between the lines:
        cock loving and sucking the “dix’ –
        that is a writers head filler -
        GOOD FOR HIM
        and for you as you protect him.
        Someone can _ill you softly actually as it’s so “good”

      • Brad Pitt

        Just like you mother molested you.

      • Brad Pitt nannie

        I love to play with Angie and her boys. They are big for that

      • jilly

        Hi Garry, I am officially banned from JJ, hahaha. YES, SHE SHOULD NOT BE LEFT ALONE WITH THE JUNGLE ANIMALS.

      • CL.GARRY

        We need you there. Change something – he can’t know that it’s you.

      • jilly

        You’re right. When I come back from my trip, I’ll do that. What are all these idiots yapping about. There’s no question, Angefuckinglina is hated by the whole Pitt family, including Brad.

      • Jawnifer

        really? then how come NOBODY from the pitt family stepped forward to defend jenfuckingretard anus-tain when brad dumped her old granny ass? bahahahahaha. sorry jilly, jane pitt is busy kissing angie’s ass just to see her grand kids something your whore idol has denied them. in fact i can imagine jane pitt practically begging angie to bring the kids over for christmas. so who gets the last laugh bitch? .

      • REX

        Thank god. Now if I can only get your bitch ass banned from here then the world will be perfect.

    • Angelina Jolie

      Jilly my lover you must be with me in the jungle bring all of the sex toys so we can have some fun. See you later baby

    • Lilac

      you mean brad should take the kids and take them to chinifer? when will you stop dreaming jilly bitch? stop wetting yourself over that fantasy, not gonna happen – maniston is already riding hard that bald cowboy before he wakes up and break off with the 2-cent slut you worship :)

  • Lisa

    please everyone shut up!
    leave angelina, brad , and the kids alone
    and… do not believe all stuff on the internet and in the papers…
    show some intelligence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jilly

      Didn’t she take them to Cambodia or something last year for Christmas, yes she did! She is anti-joy and hates Jane Pitt and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

      • *_*

        stalker much? how come you’re so obsess with angie? are you one of those plain janes dumped by their hubbies cause they spend hours online that they forget to shower for days. i guess the answer is yes :)

      • jilly

        You can think that, loser!

      • !________!

        no shower = Brad Pitt

      • _o!o_

        Jolie doesn’t love shower too

    • REXX

      Thank you Lisa!! The only one on here who makes any sense!!

      • Lisa

        Welcome Rex!
        Why people say you are retard?

      • REXX

        Because deep down they are retarded themselves

  • Toby

    Hey Angie, self indulgent much?


    kms – flop

    • box office maven

      KTS on its first 4days has already earned $21,957,508 worldwide as opposed to Anus-stain’s wanderbomb which earned a total of $21,450,353 in its entire pathetic run this year. production budget for KTS is only $15M as opposed to wanderbomb which cost $35M to produce. so tell me garry, who’s the bigger loser here?

      • CL.GARRY

        Brad is bigger loser – he took bigger money for this crap. Studio will remember that.

      • CL.GARRY

        Jolie keeps a big distance from her loser-”soulmate”.
        kts is a top achievement in Brad’s career.

      • Chris

        agrees with box-off. for all his worth, brad at least gives credibility to his films. fight club didn’t do well at the box office yet it has become a cult classic, same with inglorious basterds. sadly, i don’t see any of jen’s trashy movie becoming a cult classic. besides, brad has done great movies which earned money whereas jen has to be with an all-ensemble cast to claim that she had a hit. horrible bosses made money not because of jen alone, yet you rabid jen fans stole the credit from the other actors who were in it. also jen makes more money per film than brad so i think the producers of wanderlust will never get her lousy ass service ever again.

  • Jujubees

    I’d just like to know – why can’t Grandma have christmas with them? What is wrong with giving up ONE day a year for the Grandkids to be with Grandparents on a special day? If Brad’s mom just wants them to come for Christmas time – what’s the deal? YOu people say to leave Angelina alone – but if she’s making her wishes known by not spending Christmas with Brad’s parents for ONE day – What is that saying about her? She’s selfish – and if she is actually ‘verbally abusing’ the kids that is just as harmful as physical abuse. Okay – so this is a “media article” I’d like to see what Angelina has to say about her “anger issues” – if she does have Anger problems no wonder Brad has challenges being around her! (anyone would.) So… lets see if Angelina will come forward and talk about her anger management issues – it could put a whole new light on a lot of things!

    • AngieJen fans do exist

      jujubee, must you always believe the garbage you read online? the press said angie and jane don’t see eye to eye yet on different ocassions we see them side by side and clinging to each other lovingly. the same is true to the media who always paint jennifer aniston as someone who hasn’t moved on after her divorce with brad. yet we see her very happy and seems content with her new fiance. so yes, why can’t we just leave them alone and just wish them well? both jen and angie deserve to be happy since they both deserve it. stop hating these two beautiful women.