Dr. Phil McGraw is a Fascist dictator

Friday, November 30, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1146] CONTROVERSIAL TV quack Dr. Phil McGraw is a nasty piece of work off-set as well as on, according to reports.

Sources say Phil, 62, has a temper and explodes with anger when things aren’t done his way.

Phil apparently yells at his employees, his guests and even his long suffering wife, Robin.

“He’s like a fascist dictator on a set of quivering female servants,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“I can feel the fear on the set. There seems to be a reason he hires a nearly all female staff…he seeks out the vulnerable type of person that’s reliant on their paycheck from him so they don’t fight back.

“Guests often seize up once they get in front of Dr. Phil because he’s so intimidating. He’s NOTHING off camera like he appears on camera.

“Before he gets to the sound bite he’s looking for there’s no sense of a gentle, sympathetic, professional view. It’s all about the sound bite, and he’ll bully the guest off-camera until he gets the sound bite he needs.

“It’s all about feeding his narcissistic enormous ego. It’s his way and everyone else bows and stays clear of his path.

“There are camera men that used to work for him…They think he’s an absolute pig!

“While Dr. Phil is filming an interview or segment, Robin will sometimes just sit in a back corner watching.

“She has absolutely no say in the way things are run. And when Dr. Phil flips out or gets aggressive with staff and guests, Robin just sits there with a sad look on her face like she doesn’t agree with him, but can’t speak up because she’s just as fearful of him as everyone else!”