Mariah Carey FURIOUS With Nick Cannon

Friday, November 30, 2012

MARIAH Carey is furious with Nick Cannon after he made fun of her parenting skills on national TV.

American Idol judge Carey lambasted Cannon after he spouted off on Anderson Cooper’s show Anderson Live about how he and the 43-year-old superstar are raising their 19-month-old twins Monroe and Moroccan.

“The kids run the house. My wife is being the diva that she is. I’m trying to keep up with them,” he said.

When Cooper asked Cannon who changes more diapers, he proudly pointed to himself and saidm “Me!”

While he admitted they both get their hands dirty, he stressed, “I get that duty a little bit more.”

Mariah “was incensed,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “Nick has made diva jokes before, but never relating to Mariah being a parent.

“Claiming he was the main diaper-changer made her feel like he was saying she was less than a perfect mother.

“She’s trying so hard to do well on American Idol and thinks this will make her look bad.

“Sometimes Nick lets his mouth run faster than his brain. But he should have known he was going to tick off Mariah with his parenting potshots.”

“Mariah used to revel in her diva reputation, but now that she’s a mom, she wants to be seen first and foremost as just that.

“What Nick said made her feel small, and he’s had hell to pay at home. Mariah considers parenting a 50/50 proposition and feels that she changes just as many diapers as Nick.

“She assured me Nick won’t be giving any more interviews like that, and she’ll even shut down his Twitter account before he makes a fool of her again.

“Nick knows that – and it’s put the fear of God into him!”



  • Anonymous

    MeMe disses Nick in every interview they do-and treats him like her slave-he deserves some payback-and seriously does anyone think MeMe even touches a diaper-right-living with that over rated stripper is hell enough -can’t even imagine how gnarly she is when she thinks she has some kind of self righteous ax to grind-and if she wants to be known as a mother first maybe the sluutt attire for family tree lighting events and going around spewing what a diva she is all the time should stop-with the fake nails and 3 layers of horse hair extensions it’s doubtful she can even pick up the kids unless she is doing one her fake posed photo op set ups-and as far as mouth running off before using a brain cell-well MeMe is the undisputed queen of that-besides CPS wasn’t called before she even left the hospital for no reason-the hospital staff saw back then she was too self absorbed to be any kind of “real” mother-it’s all about attention for MeMe why she even had those kids and her jealous obsession with JLo-MeMe better start treating Nick with more respect and not like the “bang chauffeur” or his blinders might be coming off very soon and realize he bought the nasty old cow based on 20 year old photos