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Kourtney Kardashian Beau Scott Disick Closes Restaurant

Posted by Adam

KOURTNEY Kardashian‘s boyfriend Scott Disick has closed down his New York restaurant, Ryu, after only 191 days of operation.

Rya — which opened on April 23 — recently locked its door and began selling diner-type food through a to-go window. Then it shut entirely because of Superstorm Sandy — and never reopened. Their OpenTable page and Twitter accounts have all been disabled.

Insiders say that Scott hasn’t had a stake in the restaurant for quite some time.

“Kourtney didn’t think the venture would be a success,” a source said.

“She never fully supported him.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney has said she refuses to let her star status ruin her time with her family.

“I think I give off a closed-off vibe — people don’t even feel comfortable coming up to me,” she said.

“I stay home a lot and go to the park and do things like that in our little community. I won’t let scrutiny stop me from going to the zoo or being a mom.

“I feel much more confident about my body now. Little things I used to worry about are put into perspective. But before, my weight was always pretty consistent, and now I understand how it feels to not find anything that fits; to feel uncomfortable in fashionable clothes.”[imagebrowser id=635]

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  • Jerry

    Now talk about stupid…Kourtney you have to be the nit wit of the world to stick
    with that schmuck. Course you have somthing that he likes, called pussy. You
    have hischild, he drinks yu complain about that, he dicks you again, and your still
    stickingwith him, Whar is wrong with that picture. Even your step dad, dumb Bruce
    got smart. While your mom is out prbably humping er X boy toy before dumb Bruce
    he hung around. All of a sudden he woke up. Your dumb sis big ass. humps Kayne
    and who ever takes her out. and noe you sticking wih Scott…WOW!!!! how dumb is
    that?? When will you learn??? Try being like Khloe. The only SMART one of the
    whole Kardashin group.. Listen to her and things will get better.

  • Guest

    To Jerry,

    Your comments is not exactly helping you either. You sound uneducated and even appears to be more dumb than the Kardasian family. I would love for you to tape your life and family to the public to see how just perfect your world is.

    Dumb ass!