Lady GaGa: ’50 Songs Have Been Written For ARTPOP Album’

Monday, December 3, 2012

[imagebrowser id=939] LADY GaGa has been a busy lady!

The singer has revealed that she has already written around 50 songs for her forthcoming new album, ARTPOP.

GaGa revealed the news when one fan asked GaGa if any of the new tracks would be similar to the song Dance in the Dark, off 2009′s The Fame Monster.

“i have written like 50 songs,” GaGa replied. “i don’t know what will rise to top. but thats how i wrote the fame/the fame monster.”

In response to another fan’s question asking whether ARTPOP would feature any collaborations, GaGa answered that she wasn’t sure yet and said that the album “stands pretty firm on its own.”

“i’ll release collabs regardless if they’re on album or not, thats whats nice about app,” she added. “i can upload new material all the time.”

Addressing another fan eagerly pressing for more information about the new album, GaGa attempted to reassure her audience.

“everyone needs to keep calm + trust mother,” she wrote. “relinquish control of ARTPOP. erase your preconceived notions of my music.”