Kate Gosselin: Plastic Surgery Face!

Monday, December 3, 2012

GOODNESS, gracious me.. Kate Gosselin isn’t aging well! [imagebrowser id=1180]

Looking like she’s had bad plastic surgery to make her look older, the former reality star stepped out for Zappos.com Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday.

Gosselin recently insisted she hasn’t had a facelift.

“I am probably one of the rare few who de-age,” she said.

Gosselin said that after having six babies at once, “you have to get better, right? You can’t get worse than that.”

Gosselin then denied claims she’s dating her bodyguard Steve Neild.

“I’m single! Still [and] always,” she said.

“Because [in] my job as a single parent to provide for eight kids, my safety is imperative to them,” she added, justifying Neild’s constant presence.

“I’m not going to give out [past horror] stories, but it’s warranted for sure. He keeps them safe.”


  • http://twitter.com/joanPlei Joan Pleire

    Yuck that turkey neck and leathery overly tanning boothed skin is horrible. “one of rare few” oh please!! LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucy.d.bonomo Lucy Di Poce Bonomo

    she looks like an old crow.

  • HypocrisyHater

    How exactly does Steve Nield “keep them safe” when he’s always traveling around with YOU, Kate? That story just won’t wash anymore, Kreider. Give it up. TLC is not planning to film a “very special episode” of your next wedding.

  • cathy914

    Geez Kate, you used to look so pretty. Now you look weathered, old and dried up. Whatever your doing to yourself-STOP!

  • kate2

    Why is your hair receding? Are you going bald, it looks that way.

  • angieb

    More like a grandmother of 8

  • http://www.facebook.com/rhys.branman Rhys Branman

    If you notice, she is wearing running gear. Ms Gosselin obviously has the lean body of an athlete. Very often when people lose body fat they also lose fat in their faces, which sometimes gives them a gaunt hollow look. The only work someone who looks like her may want is some fillers to plump out the areas she has lost too much fat in. Good for her working out!

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

  • Melissa

    Kate you look awesome!!