Kate Middleton Feeling Better

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

KATE Middleton is on the mend.

The British Brunette — who is expecting her first child with husband Prince William  — is starting to “feel better” as she battles acute morning sickness in hospital.

Kate is currently being treated in London’s King Edward VII Hospital and officials say she is responding well to treatment.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is continuing to feel better. She and the duke are immensely grateful for the good wishes they have received. She will remain in hospital at present,” said a statement from the Palace.

Meanwhile, William has vowed to move Heaven and Earth to shield his expectant wife from the media furor created by the long awaited news of her pregnancy.

“William is excited and happy beyond belief,” a source said.

“William has always had a distrust, bordering on outright loathing, for the press.

“It all stems from his childhood — watching the way his mother was built up and then torn down by the media and ultimately, he strongly believes to this day, hounded to her death by over-zealous paparazzi.

“He has vowed to do everything in his power to protect Kate from the media frenzy surrounding her pregnancy and Heaven help anyone who crosses the line. At William’s behest the Queen instructed Palace bigwigs to individually call all of the chiefs at the British newspapers immediately following the pregnancy announcement and warn them, in no uncertain terms, that if any lines are crossed, any intrusive paparazzi shots are purchased and published, or if Kate feels hounded in anyway there will be hell to pay.

“William was deeply hurt and angered by the topless photo scandal Kate was forced to endure over the summer, and has made it crystal clear that, make no mistake, he will not allow his wife to be subjected to such blatant intrusion and humiliation ever again.

“William is well aware that he leads a public life. And he is more than willing and accepting to dedicate his life to the British people and lead a life of public service and duty. However, as much as William accepts his responsibilities he still firmly asserts that he and his wife also have the right to demand a degree of privacy.

“They can not be expected to live in a fishbowl 24-7 and William is determined to make sure both he and Kate are afforded time off from public life and media scrutiny to live their lives together with at least a sprinkling of normalcy — this has just become even more of an ingrained belief since learning he is to become a father.”

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