Nancy Reagan ‘Has Months to Live’

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NANCY Reagan has just months to live, it has been claimed.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the 91-year-old widow of the late President Ronald Reagan is now wheelchair-bound after break­ing three ribs in a fall, and she rarely leaves her home.

“Nancy only goes out for medical appointments or an oc­casional lunch with an old friend,” a source said.

“Her skin is paper-thin and eas­ily bruised. Her face and hands are covered with purple welts. She’s close to the end.”

Nancy was photographed being pushed in a wheelchair by two Secret Service agents outside the Beverly Hills Medical Plaza on Nov. 19.

“Mrs. Reagan appeared disorient­ed, pale, weak and very fragile,” an eyewitness said.

“She was so bony her clothes ap­peared to be falling off her.

“Mrs. Reagan was barely able to stand. If it weren’t for the Secret Service agents, she wouldn’t have been able to get into the car on her own.”

“Nancy can recognize peo­ple’s faces but often has a hard time remembering names,” added a longtime friend. “The fear is that she’s in the early stages of Alzheim­er’s or senile dementia.

“We’re all praying for Nancy. But it looks like she’s at the end and has only months, at most, to live.”

Nancy’s kids, Ron and Patti, are both hoping to see her soon. But they probably won’t see her to­gether because they are estranged from each other and half brother Michael.

“It’s a dysfunctional family, and Nancy prays that they can all put their grudges aside once before she dies,” said the source. “She’d love to see them all over the holidays. Christmas has always been such a big thing for her.

“In any case, she’s led an amazing life and has no regrets that it’s near­ly over. She can’t wait to be reunited with her precious Ronnie.”