Kristen Stewart Got Bored of Robert Pattinson?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1137] KRISTEN Stewart has dropped hints as to why she cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

The actress had an affair with married director Rupert Sanders.

“You can fall into the habit of being comfortable. There are people that are nice to be around, but they don’t challenge you,” Kristen told the LA Daily News.

“Those are not the people I wanted in my life. I want people to throw me off a little bit so I can figure out why,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Twilight star has insisted she doesn’t “get off” on being famous.

“The spotlight is not something I get off on,” Kristen said. “You can’t let it stunt you.Though, that’s the thing. It’s a huge change that I’ve definitely noticed within myself from the beginning to the end of this — that I’m more comfortable with walls being down.

“Because you can actually have human experiences and not deprive yourself of a normal life. You get too caught up in what other people think of you, then who the f**k are you? You start to become a really disjointed persona and everyone’s perception is their own.

“If you’re considering other people’s opinions about your life, that they really know nothing about, you are going to live a very disjointed, really unsatisfying, awful existence.

“You should probably be a bit more concerned about how you feel about yourself. It sounds completely cliche, but it’s true, so you probably shouldn’t think about it.”

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  • amanda

    and now KSCREW’s publicist is trying to blame Bob & make it look like KSCREW is ending it…she needs to really help KSCREW & get the girl help for her Bi-Polar, and get her off the adderall