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Larry Hagman Widow Has Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by Adam

[imagebrowser id=1169] LARRY Hagman‘s widow, Maj, is so ravaged by mind-robbing Alzheimer’s disease, she thinks he’s still alive.

The Dallas star died on November 23 after a battle with cancer.

“Maj’s mind has slowly slipped away,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

Recent reports claimed Hagman’s desire to continue working on TV’s Dallas reboot cost the actor his life, according to a bombshell new report.

Hagman apparently knew his days were num­bered, but insisted on playing evil oil man J.R. Ewing until the very end, sources tells American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Larry Hagman didn’t have to die!” said an insider.

“He could have sought aggressive treatment earlier, but he was so de­termined to finish as many episodes of ‘Dallas’ as he could that he hid his condition from producers and continued filming.

“He wanted to be J.R. Ewing to the very end.

“Had he been in aggressive treatment, Larry could have likely lived at least an­other six months.

“But he refused to undergo continued radiation and chemo because it would have prevented him from working.

“Larry had been in the hospital al­most a week before he passed.

“His immune system was shot, and his body began to fail rapidly. Finally, his heart – which was always so strong – just gave out.

“Larry’s last words were, ‘I love you all.’ Then he said, ‘Vita celebratio est!’

“That’s the Latin phrase on the flag that flies outside his Malibu home. It means ‘Life is a celebration’ – and it was a fitting tribute for someone who lived life to the fullest!

“Larry left explicit instructions for ‘Dallas’ producers on how they could write his death into the script.

“He’d penned ideas for the plot and placed them in a sealed envelope for producers to open after his death.”