Rachael Ray at My Year in Meals Signing (PHOTOS)

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Monday, December 10, 2012

RACHAEL Ray signed copies of her new book, My Year in Meals,  at The Free Library of Philadelphia in Philadelphia on December 08, 2012.

Ray says she realized she had made it when she could afford good shoes.

The TV cook told America’s Life & Style that success has changed her life.

“Good shoes,” Ray said when asked when she knew she’d made it.

“Groceries without my hand shaking while scanning the debit card. When I didn’t have to decide if I was going to put back the steak or the toilet paper.

“I was in a $575-month-rent-to-own for a long time.”

Her craziest interaction with a fan?

“I always think it’s weird when people talk to you in the toilet between stalls. I always find that a little unusual,” she said.

“Then you get out of the stall, and I am like, “I need a minute to wash my hands. Let’s wash up first, shall we!” Success

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