Mickey Rourke Has Cancer Scare

Monday, December 10, 2012

MICKEY Rourke has sparked speculation about the state of his health after it was revealed he recently underwent a battery of cancer tests at two New York clinics.

The actor, 60, had been complaining to doctors that he was feeling sluggish and losing clumps of hair. He was certain he was suffering from potentially deadly thyroid cancer.

“Mickey was scared to death,” a source divulged. “He was absolutely convinced he had cancer when he went in for testing.

“His brother Je died of lung cancer cancer seven years ago, and ever since, Mickey’s believed that the same fate would befall him.

“He also had a friend who suffered from a brain tumor, and he did not want to go through the same thing.”

About six months ago, Mickey went to his regular doctor because he wasn’t feeling well. After numerous tests, it was determined that his thyroid was “significantly larger than it should be,” according to the source.

“They wanted Mickey to undergo more tests and, need­less to say, he was nervous and worried,” said the source.

“Mickey’s going back for more tests. He’s still on pins and needles.”


  • Paul

    Great actor and a great guy, hope it turns out ok.