Kate Middleton’s Beckham Card

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KATE Middleton and Prince William really do have friends in high places — they got flowers from Victoria Beckham after announcing the news they are expecting their first baby together.

The Royal couple recently revealed they have a baby on the way, and the former Spice Girls star — who has four children, Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 10, Cruz, seven, and 17-month-old Harper, with husband David — was thrilled when she heard Duchess Catherine was pregnant and wanted to let her know she was thinking of her when she was in hospital with acute morning sickness.

“Victoria sent flowers and a card to congratulate William and Kate,” a source said.

“Victoria really understands morning sickness and has suffered terribly from it herself during all her pregnancies. Victoria actually lose weight in the first trimesters and couldn’t keep her food down, so she really felt for Kate, as she knew a little of what she was going through.

“Victoria is actually looking into starting her own range of children’s clothes and would love for William and Kate’s child to be the first in line to wear them.”

Kate has been stricken with an acute case of morn­ing sickness called “hyperemesis gravi­darum” and is being moni­tored closely at a Lon­don hospital.

While Buckingham Palace has not con­firmed the fact that Kate is carrying twins, it has admitted that she’s facing a medical crisis.

“Kate’s weight has spiraled to a waif-thin 96 pounds, and if she doesn’t do something quick to stabilize it, doctors warn she’s go­ing to lose her babies,” a source said.

“Kate and William are beside them­selves with fear over the health of the twins, especially after so many months of trying to get pregnant.

“They were ecstatic when they learned Kate was finally pregnant. But now their hap­piness is tainted by fear that the babies’ health could be at risk – or worse, that Kate could miscarry.

“The stress of becoming a royal has been difficult for Kate, and it’s triggered a lot of serious issues with her weight.

“Her fast-paced lifestyle has af­fected her eating habits, and now she’s just a shadow of the girl she was only two or three years ago.

“Normally, all this would be kept secret, but the palace felt they had to release a statement because Kate had to go into the hospital. There would have been endless speculation about what was wrong with her.”[imagebrowser id=1187]