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Kate Middleton Baby Doctor in Murder Bombshell

Posted by Adam

KATE Middleton‘s baby doctor was at the center of one of Britain’s most notorious unsolved murders.

Dr. Alan Farthing was engaged to popular U.K. TV host and news anchor Jill Dando — the “British Katie Couric” — when she was shot dead in broad daylight on her doorstep outside her London home 13 years ago.

The execution-style manner of the shooting immediately prompted speculation that Dando might have been the victim of a hit man. Farthing was questioned about the horrific crime and quickly cleared, but despite his iron-clad alibi, the physician couldn’t stop the incredible rumors that he may have had a hand in the murder.

The murder mystery still haunts Farthing, now 47, who became the queen’s gynecologist in 2008.

“Of course William and Kate know about the terrible tragedy, and they realize how tough it must have been for Alan,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Jill was killed just five months before they were due to marry, and the worst thing is that her murder remains unsolved. It’s been impossible for him to truly find closure. He still has nightmares about what happened. It won’t be lost on Kate that although she’s hoping her doctor will bring her two bundles of joy into the world, he suffered a great private loss.

“Kate and William have the utmost faith in him and they have no doubt whatsoever that he’s the right person for the job.

“To be the one who delivers the royal babies is a great honor for Alan. It will be another major milestone in rebuilding his life after the tragedy of losing Jill.”

Kate has been stricken with an acute case of morn­ing sickness called “hyperemesis gravi­darum” and is being moni­tored closely at a Lon­don hospital.

While Buckingham Palace has not con­firmed the fact that Kate is carrying twins, it has admitted that she’s facing a medical crisis.

“Kate’s weight has spiraled to a waif-thin 96 pounds, and if she doesn’t do something quick to stabilize it, doctors warn she’s go­ing to lose her babies,” a source said.

“Kate and William are beside them­selves with fear over the health of the twins, especially after so many months of trying to get pregnant.

“They were ecstatic when they learned Kate was finally pregnant. But now their hap­piness is tainted by fear that the babies’ health could be at risk – or worse, that Kate could miscarry.

“The stress of becoming a royal has been difficult for Kate, and it’s triggered a lot of serious issues with her weight.

“Her fast-paced lifestyle has af­fected her eating habits, and now she’s just a shadow of the girl she was only two or three years ago.

“Normally, all this would be kept secret, but the palace felt they had to release a statement because Kate had to go into the hospital. There would have been endless speculation about what was wrong with her.”[imagebrowser id=1187]

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