Angelina Jolie: Plastic Surgery Before Wedding

Thursday, December 13, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1194] ANGELINA Jolie will undergo an extreme plastic surgery make­over before she marries Brad Pitt.

The actress, 37, desperately wants head-to-toe overhaul and is prepared to spend a fortune to make it happen.

“Angelina believes she looks old and she’s tired of it,” said an insider.

“She’s freaking out over the frown lines on her forehead, her jowls and a few pockets of fat that she’s spotted on her tummy, butt and thighs.

“But this isn’t really about weight. Angie’s main worry is that her body is starting to sag, which she absolutely hates.

“She can’t live with the idea of walk­ing down the aisle with wrinkles and lumps, so she’s determined to get all the treatments she needs before the big day.

“Angelina has been very depressed about her looks.

“She’s consulted cosmetic surgeons in Europe about various touch-ups and high-end laser treatments.

“She’s also looked into getting li­posuction on her butt and thighs as well as having fat sucked out of her belly – because believe it or not, even Angelina has developed middle-age spread!

“Angelina believes she can look as youthful as she did in her Lara Croft days for her wedding. And she’s willing to spend whatever it takes to achieve that.”



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  • Anna

    I wish I had her problems! ha ha. I’d like plastic surgery so I can look like her before photo please!

  • Dante

    N’importe quoi!!!!

  • Rhys Branman

    While it is true that many actresses keep up this there looks by having cosmetic surgery, Ms. Jolie obviously does not need any. The story is absurd. The woman is under 40, has great bone structure, and by the look of it great genetics. Look at her pictures for the 2012 Golden Globes Awards. She looks great. I don’t believe any of it.

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

    • CL.GARRY

      Why can’t we see her in bikini last years? Movie Stars ENJOY to demonstrate their curves in the right places. Because there is no body. We would see just a BONE STRUCTURE.

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    Why must we look at her old pictures? Her well known LEG is not a news.
    Jolie looks like a frog with aids.

    • jilly

      You can’t find much new pictures on this HO. Brad is ashamed of her and doesn’t take her anywhere with him. She is the head nanny now to the kids.

  • Anonymous

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  • NYsweety

    Shes so pretty. I wouldn’t get anything done if I were her…but u know we are our own worst critic. I just hope shes careful…plastic surgery horror stories all over the net.

  • mara

    Angie heed a surgery.

  • guest

    ? jowls? frown lines ? pockets of fat? where?! I don’t believe a word of this- who is this writer, Adam, and why should we believe your ‘facts’ !

  • kellywilson

    Todo es posible a través de la cirugía, que yo ya lo sabía, pero estoy emocionado de saber cuántas veces lo hizo …!