L.A. Reid Quits X Factor

Friday, December 14, 2012

MUSIC mogul L.A. Reid is waving goodbye to the X Factor.

The Epic Records chairman — who along with Simon Cowell is one of the original judges on the US show — won’t return to the competition next year because he wants to focus on his day job.

“I have decided that I will not return to The X Factor next year,” he said. “It saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit. I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected.

“I love Simon. We have a great relationship. We have fun together, we talk, we laugh and do bad things, we’re friends.

“This was a nice break but now it’s time to get back to work.”


  • happy mama

    Too bad, maybe he will come back later. I am not too thrilled with Demi, would not miss her. Brittany is very harsh on Tate and I think it could be sour grapes with her since she wants her little girl to win. No doubt she is a good singer but worries me that she is only 13 but looks much older when she is on stage. Growing up too fast and if she wins life could be disastrous for this 13 year old.

  • jilly

    I think Tate should follow his career as a Country singer but winning this competition is only for Carly Rose. She is without a doubt the very best of them!