Shania Twain at War With Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Monday, December 17, 2012

SHANIA Twain is waging war against Tim McGraw and his wife Faith Hill!

The You’re Still the One hitmaker — who pre­miered her Las Vegas stage show at Caesars Palace on Dec. 1 — is furious that the lovebirds are stealing her thunder on the Sin City strip.

Just six days after Shania’s show opened, Tim and Faith debuted their new show just down the road at the Venetian hotel and casino.

“Shania’s beside herself,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“This was supposed to be her big comeback after eight years away from the music scene. But now Shania feels like Faith and Tim have eclipsed her moment in the spotlight – and she’s seething!

“It’s taken Shania everything to get to this point, and now, along come Faith and Tim to spoil her party. She knew they were coming, but she didn’t think they’d try to steal the spotlight like they have.

“But don’t count Shania out. She’s got a big, glittery show and the determination to become Las Vegas’ No. 1 ticket.”


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  • Pat Gunning

    Twain and Hill both have notoriously big ego’s and a reputation for being catty so this honestly doesnt surprise me. Its definitely more than a little ironic that as soon as Twain announced her residency, not soon after here come Faith and Tim trying to horn in on the action. Many a country music fan have been waiting years for a knock down drag out catfight between Shania and Faith and they just might get there wish!

  • Mcgraw

    Tim and Faith aren’t stealing her thunder….. They are awesome i would see there show over shania anyday. Maybe she shouldn’t of stayed away for 8 years…..

    • Carol

      I agree, I think Shania had her time to shine, and now she is a has been!!!

  • gigi

    tim & faith are only in vegas for 10 weekends……shania will have the other 94 weekends to try and fill her show without the mcgraws in town. as far as the mcgraws doing anything underhanded…..this vegas deal has been in the works for since 2006; the timing was not right until now.