Britney Spears’ Boyfriend is Going to Dump Her

Monday, December 17, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1160] BRITNEY Spears is being dumped by her boyfriend Jason Trawick… but the singer will reportedly be the last person to know!

Trawick has apparently had enough of Spears, and is desperate to call time on the romance.

Sources told the Hollyscoop website that Jason has had a meeting with Britney’s family and has told them his plans.

“Jason has told Britney’s entire family that he’s planning to leave her, so that Britney will have a support system when he breaks the bad news,” said the source.

“Jason is waiting for The X Factor to be over, because he and her whole family think Britney will take the news real hard, and would rather not have her deal with it while she’s trying to film the show.

“Jason wants to remain her manager after the break-up, so their relationship will become strictly business.”

Recent reports claimed Spears’ X Factor contract is under threat because producers are eager to dramatically reduce the show’s budget next season and feel they cannot justify paying her $15 million again in light of the show’s disappointing ratings.

“Producers were hoping to pull in between 15-20 million viewers but the show hasn’t reached those expectations and in a recent episode that clashed with the World Series only 5.7 million watched,” a source said.

“Those numbers add up to cost cutting and Britney will be expendable. So, considering Fox has already renewed The X Factor for a third season, producers will be looking to spend less on the production of the show, including the judges’ salaries.

“Britney, who was signed on a one-year deal, is the first person who will be expected to have her salary chopped. She is on a $15 million contract, which is absurd given that there’s been no huge surge in the ratings.

“Problem is, when Britney signed that contract she expected to make more if an extension for a third season was agreed. That won’t be the case now, and it is highly unlikely Britney will accept a pay decrease.

“It just doesn’t make sense to spend all that money on Britney when Simon Cowell will undoubtedly be able to find another high-profile judge to replace her at a fraction of the cost.”



  • Caleb Ellis

    This is bullshit it’s not fair cause britney not allowed any acess to the web cause everyone knows that she’s under this conservatorship if britney sees what’s been said above she’ll be absolutely fuming their no break up any time soon cause their good together, You only coming up with this cause hate the fact that britney got someone in her life at last and you fink that he’s not good enough for her. thankyou very very very much you’ve made me go fuming. :/

  • Mikey William

    Except he is not her manager and never was, He was her talent Agent and never a manager. Adam and Larry are her managers. Also they wont be able to find another high profile judge for half her price. look at Mariah and Nicki they are all in the double digits as with Britney, So no they won’t find another high profile person to do it. Also it’s not like Britney needs this show for money. She still has a bankable music career and fragrance and other endorsements,

  • jilly

    He loves Brittney’s money too much to leave her. I don’t like the guy, he looks sleazy!