Ben Affleck: ‘Jennifer Garner is Above me’

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BEN Affleck says he’s punching above his weight with wife Jennifer Garner.

The actor still can’t believe he has such a beautiful wife and says the secret to a successful marriage is choosing someone who is out of your league.

“There are two things for a marriage to be good. One is to work hard on it. The other one is to marry above you. And I succeeded at both of those,” he said.

Affleck admits his wife is “cool” with his hectic schedule and says he appreciates how she stays up late waiting for him to come to bed so they can brainstorm ideas about whatever new film he’s working on.

“My wife is very cool,” he said. “She knows that directing is consuming in that way. She’s just happy I come home. Usually, I come home after the kids are in bed anyway. We like to chat for a little bit and l’ll talk about the movie and what I’m doing, what I’m thinking or whatever. She’s a good sounding board.

“My wife would just love to travel, but having three children in a row has meant that I travel more than she does. She wants to travel so much.”