John Travolta Upset About Holiday Video Backlash

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

JOHN Travolta has been left devastated after he failed in his attempt to salvage his reputation with a holiday music video.

The promo features a song titled I Think You Might Like It that reunites Travolta — who’s been at the center of a sleazy gay sex scandal — with his Grease costar Olivia Newton-John.

In the cheesy video, Travolta, 58, flies a plane home for Christ­mas, while Olivia, 64, drives a classic convertible full of gifts.

The two meet up in a field and then perform a dance routine rem­iniscent of their fancy footwork to You’re the One That I Want from the 1978 movie musical.

John looks like he has a manne­quin head with painted-on hair.

The video was lambasted by many critics — which hasn’t gone down with Travolta, who sources say, recorded the the album as a form of damage control.

“John has taken a serious beating this year,” an insider told the National Enquirer.

“He’s had to defend him­self from one gay accusation after another, and he’s also had to dodge some seri­ous scandals involving the Church of Scientology.

“A lot of John’s fan base ditched him after bizarre details of his personal life became public knowledge.

“His handlers thought a Christ­mas album would help turn that around by humanizing him, but this wacky video is sending fans running!”


  • brian.b

    What a joke Travolta is now!! I used to be a fan but after all the information that has come out about him, and his secret sex life, I’m over him….Next!! I am a gay man and to think that Travolta has been in the closet selfishly enjoying his life and lying to us, his fans that he is straight. I am thoroughly disgusted with him as a person and as STAR!!! loser!


    Hmmm…. other news says, “John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John’s video for This Christmas is the no. 1 new Christmas video on YouTube and Vevo for 2012.”