Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[imagebrowser id=83] ROBERT Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hosted a Christmas tree decorating party this past Sunday.

The couple — who recently got back together following a brief split when Kristen, 22, cheated on the 26-year-old actor with director Rupert Sanders — invited friends and family to Kristen’s Los Feliz home for a festive party.

“Kristen and Rob had a small, intimate Christmas tree decorating party on Sunday. They have a gorgeous tree set up at Kristen’s where Rob pretty much lives now,” a source said.

“Kristen was really happy to be back home and be with Rob. They want to spend as much time as possible together before Rob leaves in January to film his next movie.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Rob hates the fact Kristen has bad body odor.

“Rob’s a laid-back guy, but he is starting to find Kristen’s grungy habits a turnoff,” a source said.

“She rarely washes her hair, only brushes her teeth once a day at best and very rarely wears perfume.

“He loved it when she made an effort to look her best during the Twilight promotional tour. But now she’s back to her lazy old self, and Rob’s not impressed.

“Ever since they got back together, Rob has been super-critical of Kristen.

“Before the whole cheating thing, she could do no wrong. Even when she didn’t shower for days, he’d tell her she smelled great. But things have changed since then.

“He’s looking at her in a different light and he’s nowhere near as forgiving as he used to be. He told her that if she doesn’t do something about her hygiene and appearance, he’s leaving.

“Kristen is very set in her ways. When she’s not working she just can’t be bothered to wash her hair or put on makeup — it’s just not her.”



  • justafan

    you have got to be kidding… even “if” Kristen did smell bad, Rob would not tell anyone except maybe her. and of course you have to tell the person you love, but only because you do love them and would not want them to go around other people who might say something that would hurt their feelings.

  • Usamed

    What a load of crap. Rob is suposed to not like wahing as well.

  • Miri

    This is a big pile of crap! They use to say the same of Rob! Get another job because you are an unprofessional son of a bitch! No one belives this shit!

    • Pechilvr

      Totally was just thinking the same thing. During the filming of Twilight and the interview on set this same exact thing was stated about Mr. Pattinson.

  • victoria evans

    Your disgusting!!!! Leave kristen alone…pathetic!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pechilvr

    Didnt she just Announce his infatuation with the smell of her armpits in a mag interview?