Kate Middleton Gets Diana Revenge on Camilla!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

KATE Middleton is a devious little lady!

The pregnant brunette has secretly vowed to name her first born daughter after his late mom Princess Diana.

The reason she’s calling her daughter Diana, sources say, is to annoy husband Prince William‘s step-mom Camilla.

“It will be like a stake driven through scheming Camilla’s heart,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

“Kate made the pledge she made at Diana’s gravesite.”

Meanwhile, Kate has vowed to attend the annual Royal Family Christmas dinner — despite battling severe morning sickness.

Kate feels it’s her duty to attend the lavish meal with her spouse, even though the concerned father-to-be has suggested she skip it to prevent possibly triggering any further bouts of debilitating sickness.

“Kate doesn’t want to disappoint the Queen, nor does she want to skip on her duties,” a source said.

“She feels she is obliged to appear at the annual Christmas dinner — her first as the Duchess of Cambridge and doesn’t want to let anyone down.

“William has his concerns though that she won’t be up to it, and told Kate she shouldn’t worry if she feels too sick to attend and that no-one will judge her negatively.

“Also, with Harry in Afghanistan for the holidays, William believes the meal will be less formal than in previous years and his grandma wouldn’t mind if Kate was excused.

“But Kate isn’t having it and is determined to be at the dinner, smiling as always.”[imagebrowser id=1187]

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  • audrey

    Camilla noticed Kate’s beauty, potential fame and decided to befriend, exploit and leech off her due to all the attention Kate gets. Whores like Camilla will use every trick in the book to appear desirable; as she knows the public generally dislike her for the evil and morally depraved way she has conducted herself. The rotten toxic cancerous core of VULGAR Camilla is clearly demonstrated showing through her vile eyes & composure revealing a malevolent wickedness similar to that of Myra Hindley!

    • Elmo

      I second that wholeheartedly!

    • Maggy May.

      Spreading lies gain Audrey Pardue…..

  • May

    I think diana would b a nice name but don’t you think the child deserves its own name? Instead of being associated with their grandma all the time? Just saying…

    • Elmo

      Princess Diana would be a very honorable person to be associated with.

      • Margaret

        Diana was his mother. Nothing to do with camila. Shouldn’t let cam anywhere that baby anyway.

  • Maggy May.

    I doubt very much that the Duchess and Prince would be so calous as to think naming their baby Diana would cause ill feelings towads their step mother .The young couple has every right to pick the name of their child.
    The Globe magazine is not gospel.
    Kate and William spent Christmas with the Middletons.

    • Magg May.

      It should have said callus.Sorry.

  • Mary Winton

    I have no doubt that Kate and William,if they have a daughter,she will be named
    Diana,after her Paternal grandmother.William is very thoughtful of his late mother,this was shown by giving Kate his mothers engagement ring as she would not be around to share their

  • Louise

    If they have a daughter do not call it Cami she call it Elizabeth the third or someting other than Cami.

  • Louise

    Plus I agree with jaggy may the have ever right sorry I meant Maggy may it just wouldn’t agree with the name. And Cami should be kept away and locked up