Ashton Kutcher Wants Angus T. Jones Fired

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher wants Angus T. Jones fired from Two and a Half Men.

According to a new report, the actor was left furious when Angus, 19 — who earns a $350,000-per-episode salary — branded the show “filth” and urged fans not to watch.

Angus has begged producers not to fire him, but source say Ashton wants him gone.

“Right after Angus appeared on that video with his controversial religious guru and trashed the show, Ashton totally exploded,” said a show insider.

“He marched right in to the bosses and told them, ‘Angus is a spoiled brat — and I want him off this show!’

“The producers aren’t happy themselves, obviously, but they haven’t made a decision. And to be fair, there was absolutely no change in the show’s high ratings after Angus trashed it – and his co-workers. Plus, he keeps apologizing profusely, so execs are considering their next move carefully.

“They have a grace period right now, because the kid’s character has enrolled in the Army — meaning they could easily write around his role and keep him on part time.

“Ashton wants Angus off the show – period!” said my source.

“If it were up to him, he’d ship the kid’s character off to the military… without leave!”[imagebrowser id=5]

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  • mrm

    Let him stay, he’s epic

    • Steven Koenig

      “Epic”???????? You’re serious?

      • jilly

        He is a big part of that show that now is falling apart. The kid is actually right about the FILTH.

  • jilly

    Angus was actually the funniest one of them all since NON-FUNNY Asston joined the show. They should fire useless Asston instead.

  • fuckashtonkutcher

    the fuck? says that horrible actor ashton kutcher? what a fucking joke, ashton doesn’t and will never fill the role of charlie as well as charlie himself. i fucking hate that faggot trash actor ashton kutcher so much

  • Clint Barnett

    odd how everyone is jumping on this guy when he’s not the one who trashed his own show. if i went on tv and talked that much trash about the people i work for like that i wouldnt have a job anymore, why should that little shit angus??

  • John

    No way this is real.

  • happy mama

    Get rid of Ashton – he is a non talent big mouth!

  • Jack

    Fire Ashton!!! Angus is funny.. He has been there from the start. Kutcher is NO Charlie Sheen… Angus is a teenager.. he has not gotten into trouble like many others his age… Just got caught up with some people who took advantage..

  • Charlie sheen

    aston doesnt deserve to be on the show, it got ruined when charlie sheen got fired. you cant join the lakers, and be like “kobe raped a bitch, therefore he should be off the team”. Your new, shut up.

  • Jake

    Get rid of Ashton Kutcher his acting sucks. Come on people let’s start a petition and get this moron kicked off the show. Ashton is the worst actor alive.

  • celli

    He did not trash it, all he did was state his opinion now that he is a Christian. He apologized which can show his intentions.

  • shon

    Um…yeah, if the producers fire Jake then only one of the original Two and A Half Men would remain. Kutcher may not like it but, since her joined the cast, the show IS “filth.” His character and subsequent story lines were a poor replacement choice for Charlie’s. I watched 5 Ashton episodes and then couldn’t take it anymore. (Before he came on, I watched the prime time and syndicated episodes religiously.) And given that Ashton Kutcher is the newest addition to the cast where does he get off demanding that ANYONE be fired?

  • sharon

    The show is Two and a HALF Men, not TWO MEN….. Chill Ash….

  • Rowan Atkinson

    hello? ashton should be glad to be on TAAHM, not to mention the fact that angus has been on the show way longer than him

    get sheen back, fire kutcher

  • Joseph Kool

    I’d love to fight that kid (kutcher not jones) I’d fuck him up.