Angelina Jolie Sex Tape Worth $10 Million to Brad Pitt?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1194] BRAD Pitt is set to buy Angelina Jolie‘s sex tape for $10 million — so that no one else can see it.

Sources say Brad is so desperate to shield his kids from fiancee Jolie’s murky past that he’ll do whatever it takes to bury all evidence of Angelina’s wild sex-and-drugs escapades.

Brad, 49, fears that if these rumored photos and video were ever made public, it would scar the couple’s six children emotionally and psychologi­cally, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Brad’s out to protect the new image that Angelina has tried hard to build – A-list actress, dot­ing mother of six and UN human-rights crusader,” a source said.

“He’ll do whatever it takes to buy these pho­tos and track down the alleged sex tape.”

According to the source, a team of investigators Brad hired to find incriminating evi­dence of Angelina’s past has told him that the 37-year-old actress may have made a sex tape dur­ing a “drug-fueled session” in 1999.

“The alleged tape was made around the same time that a friend snapped kinky photos of a strung-out look­ing Angelina,” said the mole.

“Angie was so whacked out on dope that she doesn’t recall exactly what she did. But she believes that it may have involved ‘cutting,’ as well as racy sex.

“He’s willing to spend $10 million if he has to. When it comes to Angie and the kids, money is no object.”




    10 millions? Not too much for the soulmates good name…

    • jilly

      Wow, you got your pictures back, yaayyy!!! Is he gonna pay for every dirty picture of her which could be up to a million. Good luck Stupid Brad, this is how it is to have kids with HOs. :)

      • Snooki

        I afraid Brad will spend all his money to fix her reputation.
        And no result.

      • jilly

        The reputation is beyond fixing. Brad you fucked up your life and your children’s life by hooking up with a professional HO. Mother Jane hates your partner and I’m sure by now, you do too!

      • CL.GARRY

        The only way is to settle on the Mars. And children will watch a space internet non stop.

      • jilly

        So Garry, how did you manage to post pictures? Did Adam change anything you just found a way to do it. BTW, angie the HO has th ugliest boobs, not not beautiful Jennifer.

      • CL.GARRY

        When you start writing the comment you see a little icon in the left corner like a mountain. Click on her. I tried yesterday casually after our talk about illustrations. And – here welcome!…

      • jilly

        Love your work, thanks for the free pictures. Brad, don’t bother, they’re all here, hahaha

      • REX

        you should know about HO’S your one yourself

      • linda

        REX whats with your tongue?

      • jilly

        Rex is sooooo pretty!

      • Smith

        No hon that cl Garry

      • lulu

        your “design” is interesting.

      • Rex

        Posting pictures of your ugly self?

  • mimi

    very nice

  • oss

    i like Angelina

    • boss

      I like Angie too.

  • peacemaker

    Well they have to show evidence! before the got the 10 million..and gross to 100 million sue to pay for the damage..nice try!! kiddo!..

    • jilly

      You want evidence, look around on this page and any other google info on her! I’m not sure why Brad is looking for a sex tape with all these sex pictures all over the internet! What can we see on that sex tape that we haven’t seen before?

      • CL.GARRY

        Brad wants to improve every aspect of his soulmates personality.

      • jilly

        Brad has to work for a century to fix his partner’s personality!

  • Pax

    A future United Nations Ambassador.

    • zahara

      Oh Mommy, what is that horse doing to you??? Is that SEX? Can we all do it?


        No dear! This is not a SEX. It’s for my skin. Sex is here:

      • Madox

        Mommy is so pretty when she kisses girls, wow…

    • minka

      Is it a photo Brad is talking about? Oh big deal children will do all of that in a few years.

      • Sandra

        I don’t think Brad Pitt will marry trash like that.

      • mickey

        I wonder: did refugees see these photos?

  • Elmo

    I know that this has nothing to do with the article but I keep hearing about this just jured site, if that’s what it is, that is being unfair to its commenters. Will somebody please give me a detailed explanation as to what this site is, and what it’s problems are? Just wondering, been trying to find out for a while now.

  • Ronin

    Excuse me please! I don’t understand what does it mean SEX TAPE. Is it like that?

  • toiletina

    Angelina Jolie is a romantic person.

  • teenager

    Angie is a classy lady.

  • t lover

    Angie looks good even in thee toilet. love her.

  • Bobby

    She is very opened woman.

  • moviegoer

    Angie is a well known Director. No flops.

  • jilly

    Poor stupid brad…

  • Jason

    I guess Angelina is not virgin on this picture.

    • Jason

      May be on this one…

  • lucinda

    Her brother looks strange.

  • producer

    To start the career is not so easy.

  • reader

    So people must forget her past because of UN emblem?

  • casual

    If she wants to change something, her life experience must work for this. Why not to start campaign against children molesting in families? She is a good illustration of what the result is. Children must be protected. She can start a foundation, she can make a movie about that. About drugs too. People will support her.

    • dirk

      Angelina Jolie loves to demonstrate the class.

    • jilly

      She is still a drug addict and I’m sure her advice would not fly with the young generation. If this trash can go so far in life with being a druggie and a HO, than maybe they should follow her path, no no no no no…..

  • monica

    well well well

  • John Voight

    Hmm, hmm…

  • JP nannie

    Let’s send all of these evidence to the Pitt family and collect our $10mil. and then we can look at them again and find more pictures, hahaha. Brad must be in a coma to stay with a skank like this! Wow, momma Jane, what do you think about your son’s baby momma, he picked a good one, right?


    jilly, elmo – where are your pictures? You must do two clicks.
    1 on the icon with mountain.
    2 on the place near – like on the second picture.
    Than you will see the field with pictures for your choice. Click twice on the picture you want to publish and post.

    • jilly

      You do this job, i will learn next year. :)

    • Elmo

      Testing… Hey, look at that! Unfortunately I don’t have that many photos on my iPad yet…

      • Elmo

        Wait, what? Where’d my picture go?

      • CL.GARRY

        BTW picture must be not too big. No more than 1 MB. 100-350 kb is enough usually. If you send 2-3 pictures would be correct to reduce.

      • CL.GARRY

        Pictures from photo camera are big for sending without reducing.

  • Toby

    It would not be worth 10 Dollars to me!!

    • jilly

      Brad is kidding himself by trying to cover up for his baby momma. In a way, I understand how terrified he could be for his children to see mommy’s glorious past. Well, you made your bed….Hi Toby, enjoying the Hall of Shame? Happy New Year!

      • CL.GARRY

        Brad imitates being “protective”.
        With a concrete price.

      • Toby

        Same to you Jilly!!

      • Rex

        Toby!!! Sandusky called he wants you to meet him at his jail. He wants to shower with you!!!!

  • Mother Theresa


  • Jane


  • Thomas Lam

    The women here are pretty stupid, to be perfectly honest. Remember high school? College? Your 20′s? Do you know how many stupid things most girls do in the search for happiness before they “grow up”? Guarantee everyone here has done something they wouldn’t want publicized. Except nobody cares about you enough to try to blackmail you like they do with Jolie.

    Also, it is ridiculous that you judge her more for what she has done in her private life, on decisions you have absolutely no business commenting on, than you do on what she has done for the better welfare of her children, husband, and world in general. She devotes more of her time to helping people who actually need it than every person on here combined, times twenty.

    So why don’t all you nasty, gossipy women go crawl back into your holes and find somebody more deserving of scorn to mock. There are plenty of “ho’s” in this world. Angelina Jolie isn’t one of them.

    • melissa

      All the pictures here are from the free internet.
      90 % – are not her PRIVATE, but professional portfolio.
      Angelina Jolie is a trash.
      She never tried to stop conflicts in the world.
      It’s a very heavy job.
      She must a MORAL RIGHT for that.
      So she just goes to poor hunger people in the camps – its much more easier.
      What a shame to use UN emblem to improve own ”reputation”…

      • Thomas Lam

        Angelina Jolie is trash? Does her husband seem miserable? Do ANY of her children seem neglected? From what I can see, they go way out of their way to make sure their family comes first. Maybe when she was young she was out to prove something, but I seriously doubt she gives a damn what anybody but her family thinks about her nowadays. She never tries to stop conflicts? Her and Brad spend more time helping abroad than anyone on this website. She doesn’t “just go” to poor people in camps, she actually does work abroad, which is a heck of a lot more than 99.9% of people who do nothing. Who cares what she did a decade ago, she is doing a world of good now and I am sick of annoying women like you calling her trash because she looks good and flaunted it. She can walk around naked 24/7 for all I care. If she devotes her life to helping others, that makes her an incredibly decent person in my book.

      • dred

        I’m talking about preventing wars and conflicts as an initial reason of human disaster.
        But you talk about some WORK ABROAD.
        Giving some food to hunger people is very little
        and cheap PR comparing to preventing wars.
        She has no moral right to talk to leaders with her freaking PAST. She must clean herself from drugs
        and than – go to people with humanitarian massages.

      • Thomas Lam

        She did drugs about 20 years ago. She doesn’t visit places and give people food, and how in God’s name is she supposed to prevent wars!?. She was appointed a Special UN Envoy responsible for dealing with diplomats to try to figure out how to help people displaced by wars. THAT is her role. Of course you don’t know that because she doesn’t walk around talking about it every two seconds like you think. THIS is what she does.

        “After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie in April 2012 was appointed as Special Envoy of UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. In her new and expanded role, she will be focusing on major crises resulting in mass population displacements; undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and Guterres at the diplomatic level; and engaging with decision-makers on global displacement issues. Through this work, she will help contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people displaced by conflict.”

        What exactly have YOU done?

      • dred

        What about you?

      • Thomas Lam

        Honestly, who cares what she did a decade ago. You’re all just annoyed that she looked good and flaunted it, and for that, in your book, she is trash. However her husband seems happy as can be, and her children all look like they get all the love in the world.

        She never tries to stop conflicts in the world?! She doesn’t “just go” to poor villages, she actually does a great deal of work abroad, which is more than 99.9% of people do. Why don’t you tell me what kind of human rights work you do? Go ahead.

        You want trash? Go complain about the Kardashians or any of the Real Housewives. THEY are garbage and don’t do squat. Jolie has decided to dedicate her life to helping people, and she could walk around naked for all I care, in my book she is a good person for what she does.

      • Bill

        Brad Pitt cares about what she did a decade ago. Do you think he is happy to read and watch all of that about her? Do you think THAT is not a reason they are not married?

      • Thomas Lam

        They’ve said multiple times why they didn’t plan to get married, and it has nothing to do with them being unsure about each other. Why the heck is this ANYBODY’S business, and why is this more important than any of the good things that they do now. I swear people aren’t happy with any news about anything unless someone is dying, dead, or killing themselves with drugs.

        If it was your wife and knew about her past, which everybody in the world did, you would have to choose whether or not to accept her and move on. Obviously they have gotten past that because they are deeply committed to each other with 6 kids. The only thing he is trying to prevent is his kids from having to learn how truly disgusting tabloid journalism can be.

      • lola

        NOT everyone did the things Jolie did.
        PUBLICLY !
        Right, these pictures are disgusting.
        But this is NOT a montage.

      • Thomas Lam

        Who cares? What have you done that even compares to the good things that she now does? The pictures are not disgusting, you’re just a bunch of immature, prudish people. I’m tired of arguing about this. Go hop on a plane, visit a country where women get acid thrown into their faces, and get raped on a daily basis, and try to do the work she does. Then come back and tell me how horrible she is.

    • actor

      Thomas dear
      the main difference between Angie and the rest of actress
      is she has an effrontery
      to use United Nations for self PR.

      • Thomas Lam

        God forbid she use her fame to bring attention to UN issues that desperately need attention, while simultaneously working HANDS ON in those areas. Do you really see this as hurting those causes somehow? If a dollar more goes to those issues or if a single person learns a little more about the issues, that’s the point. I could care less about Angelina Jolie or any other actor/actress. I do however care a great deal about human rights issues, especially abroad, and I have absolutely no idea why anybody gets offended when she brings attention to important issues.

      • clara

        Human rights are abused during wars and other territory conflicts. Prevention the conflicts – that is a task for honest people. No wars and conflicts – no refugees camps. Why not she goes to the leaders of aggressive countries to talk about their politics?

      • Thomas Lam

        She does, it’s just that you harpies only care about stirring up drama because you see her as a hussie and a homewrecker. Go ahead and keep calling her a ho even though she puts herself in harms way to try to help people in need. She must be such a horrible selfish person to fool us all into thinking she cares.

        “After years of dedicated service to UNHCR and the cause of refugees, Angelina Jolie in April 2012 was appointed as Special Envoy of UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres. In her new and expanded role, she will be focusing on major crises resulting in mass population displacements; undertaking advocacy and representing UNHCR and Guterres at the diplomatic level; and engaging with decision-makers on global displacement issues. Through this work, she will help contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people displaced by conflict.”

      • girl

        ENVOY, SPECIAL, COMMISSIONER – what a blah-blah-blah!
        Several lorries of food or books – no more.
        Many actors do charity without being a “High Commissioner” and without TV cameras. She wants to look saint but she is not

      • Thomas Lam

        Do you even know what that means? Or OMG are you like, totes 12 years old. She doesn’t go around donating food to people, for your information. You also don’t MAKE yourself a special envoy. The UN made her one after she demonstrated for YEARS a propensity for helping people in volatile areas. She works at the diplomatic level with displaced peoples to try to give them a voice. She goes to places where 5 year old girls get raped with guns and then murdered, where she could very easily be murdered herself. She does it so those people can have homes, and so that some politician somewhere can’t claim that they didn’t know tens of thousands of people were being burned out of their homes.

      • dad

        Thomas you love beautiful words
        like “diplomatic level”, “special envoy” etc.
        She goes there to put her face on TV screen.
        A CHEAP PR.

      • Thomas Lam

        Right, she needs PR. She’s filthy rich, and her and her husband are both screen legends and neither of them really have to work another day in their lives to support them or their children.

        None of the things she has been doing get’s in the news or on TV, as evidenced by the fact that you all have no idea that she does it. Those “beautiful words” aren’t empty ones, she documents what she sees abroad. She talks to these people and then deals directly with politicians and diplomats to try to find solutions.

        There isn’t a question in my mind that she has saved a few lives at the very least by getting people out of harms way after they were shot and burned out of their villages. Why don’t you put down the tabloids, read a book, or a political blog, or hop on a plane to visit these places to actually see how they are living, because you obviously don’t have a clue.

      • dad

        I have a clue. That’s why I don’t buy this PR crap. Mike Tyson has a stronger moral power in the world comparing to Angelina Jolie.

      • Thomas Lam

        She isn’t visiting these places as if she was on vacation, most of the people she encounters have no idea that she is even famous. She goes to war ravages places where people have been diplaced from their homes so she can work at the DIPLOMATIC LEVEL to help get these people out of harms way and back into safe environments and homes. But by all means, let’s talk about a sex tape from over a decade ago and the fact that she’s a man stealer.

      • Jonh M

        Yes let’s talk about sex tape. And about stealing the men. This is her moral face. Nothing can change it. If you want to forget – it’s your business.
        But the rest of people remember her “past”.

      • Thomas Lam

        Then you and the rest of people are mental midgets. We are not defined by any single act or period of our lives. How we choose to learn and grow from each experience and mistake is far more important, and obviously she has chosen to learn and grow from her mistakes to go on and live an incredibly respectable life.

        There are plenty of people who sit around piously, being careful to never make any mistakes. Except they never learn, and they never grow, and they seldom ever contribute anything to the world.

        Show me all the greatest men and women who have shaped world history, and each and every one had a part of their past that would be questionable and cannon fodder for today’s media saturated world. There is no such thing as perfect. Who the heck are you people to judge? There are far, far, FAR worse people in this world than Ms. Jolie.

      • marlo

        “Never learn”?
        Do you want your daughter learned how to KISS own brother?
        Or how to sleep with mothers lover?
        Who is JUDGING here?
        Just saying the truth…

      • Thomas Lam

        I want my daughter to learn that the good she does in this world far outweighs any mistakes she might make in her lifetime. I want her to learn the value of kindness, and giving. And if she comes home one night, drunk or on drugs, crying about some mistake she made, I will forgive her and give her any help she needs, and hope that someday she grows up and finally finds her place in the world, however long it takes.

      • momma

        Do you want your daughter did ALL Jolie did?

      • Thomas Lam

        I’m like any other dad in that I wouldn’t want her to make ANY mistakes. However nobody lives in that ideal world where everybody is perfect and nobody is ever sad. I am simply saying that I am far more interested in the lessons she learns than in the mistakes she makes. In that regard, I am perfectly at peace with whatever Angelina Jolie did because the adult that emerged from that period is one worthy of praise. Some people here are just ridiculous in their hateful posts and will clearly have an axe to grind even if she spends the next 30 years acting like Mother Teresa.

      • CL.GARRY

        Exactly: ACTING !
        Not being but ACTING !

      • nesta

        I <3 you Thomas. You have said everything that I would have said, in a better words also. Thank you!

    • nora

      Thomas you are so naive!

      • Thomas Lam

        Funny that you say that, considering I am pretty much the only person here that doesn’t sound like an adolescent. Don’t you tell me what I do and do not know, because I’d be willing to bet that what I know amounts to a whole lot more than you. I find it infuriating that you people seem to think that taking inappropriate pictures in one’s youth is of far greater consequence than extensive human rights work done in ones maturity. Go take a nude picture and post it online, then go spend a month in a war ravaged country helping people, and tell me which life experience weighs more heavily on you.

  • Vivien

    Who is Brad comparing to brother ?

  • jilly

    Thomas Lam is Jolie’s Publisist! How much did she pay you for all these?

  • he he

    Brad pay me 1 million to stop publishing Jolie’s DECENT pictures.

    • jilly

      100 million can’t do that task! Good luck Brad, the stupidest man on earth!

  • Zoe

    I think its whith her brother I cant whait till the tell all book her children will be writing MOMMY DEAREST too mutch PR telling us what a great mother she is if you belive that then Tom Cruise is a great husband too PR cant save him now

  • You Lilphucker

    The kids are going to know she was a slut sooner or later no matter how much money Pitt spends. Besides, 10 million won’t be enough, some XXX company will always top it by 10%

  • professional

    Brad can spend 0,5-2 M to kill her and forget this problem.