Bethenny Frankel’s Husband Was Jealous!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

BETHENNY Frankel‘s marriage to husband Jason Hoppy fell apart because he was jealous of her rising fame and fortune.

The pair recently announced their split, and according to a new report, as Frankel’s empire grew, Hoppy’s feelings were less supportive and more combative about her success.

“Jason felt emasculated,” a source said.

“He’s not particularly ambitious, and Bethenny is very driven.”

Bethenny struggled with ending her marriage, especially because they have a daughter together, Bryn Hoppy, but decided to come clean once and for all.

“However, once Bethenny had made her mind up that they were going to officially split she felt she had to make the announcement immediately. Jason wanted to wait till after the holidays were over but Bethenny insisted that she could not carry on the charade of pretending to be a happy couple any longer, especially not in front of their closest friends and family,” a source close to her said.

“Basically, in the end Bethenny decided, no more secrets and lies — let’s get it out in the open, for better or for worse.

“She’s very smart. She will spin this into gold. Her talk show will now be of interest to single moms and single women.”