Camilla Parker Bowles Angry With Paul McCartney

Friday, December 28, 2012

CAMILLA Parker-Bowles is angry with Paul McCartney!

The British royal was left furious over last week’s “unsavory” Saturday Night Live skit that “outrageously insinuated her vagina barks like a rabid dog,” a source said.

“Sir Paul had nothing to do with the skit, but The Queen and Camilla blame him for not nipping it in the bud,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Camilla told Charles, ‘Why is it that when Paul is on that show, I am ridiculed? Your mother is furious as well. It’s so offensive…There is no excuse!’”[imagebrowser id=346]


  • audrey

    With regard to Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowels (the legality of the ‘marriage’
    is certainly most questionable) although most people knew she was a rather
    coarse vulgar old prostitute had not realised she came with quite so much
    baggage. No wonder HM The Queen rejected whore Camilla. Clearly, Charles has a serious mental deficiency as it’s fundamentally wrong in choosing a vile pox
    raddled old whore who comes from a family of sluts who opened her legs to ANYTHING when younger and probably still does?

    • rosy

      have some good manners when talking about others,shall we say same things about you? what proof you have, that you are not a whore

      • man hunt

        do you think she did not deserve such? truth is truth not matter how you say it. something true should not be discredited because of the certain manner of speaking it. don’t simply argue with good manners. don’t used the veil of good manners to hide the truth. regarding the proof you were asking, wasn’t it clear or your just blind to notice? for instances like this, you don’t have to argue like somebody from oxbridge in a fiery debate. all you have to do is open your eyes and use your brain, if yours are working properly. i think siding with the whore makes you a whore yourself. like begets like, and that goes to you.

      • Dave

        Remind me what respect or good manners this drunken old dog deserves?…..Can’t she just find a pub somewhere and drink herself into an early grave.

  • Dave

    The British public do not like her….The press are doing their best to show that she’s not a drunken old dog but its not easy. The only people who like Camilla are those ardent Royalists who kiss any Royal Arse no matter how utterly awful they are