Prince William and Kate Middleton: King and Queen!

Friday, December 28, 2012

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton are set to take their place on the throne!

According to American tabloid Globe magazine, Queen Elizabeth is keeping her promise to make Prince William the next King now that Kate is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

“The Queen will make the blockbuster announcement public,” a source said.

“Her decision has devastated Camilla, who has plotted to get her husband, Prince Charles, the Throne.”

Meanwhile, Kate has secretly vowed to name her first born daughter after his late mom Princess Diana.

The reason she’s calling her daughter Diana, sources say, is to annoy husband Prince William‘s step-mom Camilla.

“It will be like a stake driven through scheming Camilla’s heart,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

“Kate made the pledge she made at Diana’s gravesite.” [imagebrowser id=1187]



  • keri12

    Suuure she is. Because an american supermarket gossip tabloid that also carries stories about two-headed alien babies would magically know the Queen’s inner-most thoughts regarding the Monarchy and the line of succession.

  • judy

    Queen should never make Charles the King with Camilla being the Queen, NEVER! CHEERS TO WILLIAM AND KATE THE FUTURE KING AND QUEEN OF ENGLAND!!!!!

  • Betty Girlya

    William and Kate should be the next King and the Quenn, not Camila
    and Charles. This is not a place for them.
    We salut the Quenn, William will be the perfect KING and Kate will be a very
    lovely Quenn with manners and lovely look.

  • JTurvey

    Well according to the laws of the monarchy & the British government, a divorced person CANNOT attain the throne. Both Charles & Camilla are divorced!!! The both of them should go & settle in Highgrove..the country estate. I cannot see the queen making Charles king. Maybe before he insisted on marrying Camilla, the queen hopefully told him if he goes ahead with the marriage, he cannot and will not be king. So, why is he acting like one? Hmmmmm

  • Darlene Schultz

    There could not be a more beautiful couple to take that throne! They are perfect in ALL respects!