Jennifer Aniston Snubs Her Friends

Friday, December 28, 2012

[imagebrowser id=1161] JENNIFER Aniston has ditched her friends in favor of fiancé Justin Theroux’s trendy pals.

According to a new report, the actress has waved goodbye to longtime BFFs Courteney Cox, Laura Dern and Sheryl Crow, who Justin once referred to as “boring, middle-aged moms.”

“Justin complains all the time that Courteney in particular consumes too much of Jen’s time with her neediness,” a source said.

“He also doesn’t like it when her daughter, Coco [Jen’s goddaughter] is around because he says she’s rambunctious.

“Justin basically manipulated Jen into cleaning house.”



  • jilly

    So what! Every couple mixes their friends and not all of them would fit the couple’s life. I do believe that Courtney is a needy woman and probably jealous that jen now has a fiance and she is all alone. Happy New Year Jen!

    • Rex

      You should know about needy and jealous women. Your one of them. Poor lonely Jilly

      • Rex

        Don’t worry jilly. I just need my meds now. ‘m so stupid without one!

      • jilly

        Rex, you finally came to your senses! Yes you are stupid with or without your meds. Jen is now hanging out with more intelligent group of friends such as Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. The important thing is this couple actually have friends!

      • Rex

        I know jilly! You are right. I’m so stupid! I’m so sorry! Forgive me please! What an embarrassment!

      • jilly

        Go hide in your cave and don’t come out Rex, thank you!

  • Scribbl

    Who is Justin Theroux comparing to Sheryl Crow?
    A toyboy.

  • gigolo

    Sure. Her friends will comment his pitiful life-style.

  • marsia

    Aniston never looked ridiculous with Courtney Cox or Sheryl Crow.