Johnny Depp’s Flight Attendant Affair Ruined Vanessa Paradis Romance?

Friday, December 28, 2012

JOHNNY Depp had an affair with a flight attendant — and that’s what destroyed his 14-year romance with Vanessa Paradis, it has been claimed.

Although Depp’s relationship with actress Amber Heard has been blamed for the love split, friends of private plane stewdaress Julie Ellis, 27, say she has had a long-running romance with Depp.

Once Vanessa discovered what was going on, she decided she couldn’t take Johnny’s cheating anymore.

“Julie has been Johnny’s private flight attendant for years,” a source said.

“Julie has been Johnny’s private flight attendant for years.

“She says they have insane sexual chemistry and can’t keep their hands off each other.

“Julie says Johnny told her he was drawn to her because she’s wild and fun.

“Now that he’s single, she says she would love to settle down with him.”


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  • Mal

    Fake story from “Star”. good luck trying to sell it!

    • Truthful

      There is a lot of fake with Vanessa, I don’t think she is even French. The only thing real is the gap toothed hillbilly smile she has.

  • Didy

    OMG! Lies, more lies. Everybody knows now that Johnny is dating Amber Heard for a while! He split from Vanessa one, two or even three years ago! He hugs and kisses on the cheek every person who works for him, every friend! But somehow I knew that some stupid story could be made up by trash tabloids like Star magazine ​​based on this simple greeting with the flight attendent!

  • Blea

    Come on! This is a ridiculous lie! This stewardess came to the door to greet Johnny and all the other people who was getting into the plane. And the separation happend more than a year ago. it’s time to let it go and respect their children. This subject was talked for all year long! It is getting too boring!
    Vanessa said there was something wrong in their relationship since the begining, so, stop to try to find the “why they broke up” in the recent years! Just leave Johnny alone and go for more recent splits!

  • nomoredepp

    This is the Depp PR team at work again. As long as he cheated with the stewardess, Heard is no longer the skank homewrecker. You know, just like that whole family vacation with the necklace bit and holding hands at the French market with Paradis to settle the fans about his moving on.

  • Leah

    This is FAKE.

    Johnny and Amber are hapy together, they were (maybe they still are) in Paris.
    It was confirmed by a Bristol Hotel clerk. They arrived Monday night. Amber
    went to Paris (and also Kevin Costner) for preparing to the movie Three Days to
    Kill (some scenes will be shot in Paris), and Johnny was accompanying Amber. My
    French friend told me everything. They were seen by some people there, who were
    respectful enough not to take pictures but they shared the info on twitter and
    other social networks. They were seen also at another restaurant called 1515.