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Bethenny Frankel Asks Katie Holmes About Her Divorce Lawyer

Posted by Adam

BETHENNY Frankel has a lot of front!

According to a new report from New York Post gossip column Page Six, the reality star boldly asked Katie Holmes for the details of her divorce lawyer at Bravo boss Andy Cohen’s holiday bash in his Manhattan apartment just before Christmas.

Katie, of course, recently divorced husband Tom Cruise while Frankel recently announced her split from Jason Hoppy.

“Bethenny seemed a bit drunk and made a beeline for Katie Holmes and abruptly asked her, ‘I need a good divorce lawyer, can I have yours?’” a source said.

“Katie looked very taken aback, but was polite. She smiled and told Bethenny the name of her lawyer.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Bethenny’s marriage fell apart because Jason was jealous of her rising fame and fortune.

“Jason felt emasculated,” a source said.

“He’s not particularly ambitious, and Bethenny is very driven.”

Bethenny struggled with ending her marriage, especially because they have a daughter together, Bryn Hoppy, but decided to come clean once and for all.

“However, once Bethenny had made her mind up that they were going to officially split she felt she had to make the announcement immediately. Jason wanted to wait till after the holidays were over but Bethenny insisted that she could not carry on the charade of pretending to be a happy couple any longer, especially not in front of their closest friends and family,” a source close to her said.

“Basically, in the end Bethenny decided, no more secrets and lies — let’s get it out in the open, for better or for worse.

“She’s very smart. She will spin this into gold. Her talk show will now be of interest to single moms and single women.”

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  • Beachbailee

    I AM SOOO DISGUSTED WITH THIS WITCH! I can totally see her in her Loud obnoxious way barreling over to Katie Holmes , interrupting and saying ” I need a good divorce lawyer”! I hope Jason retains the best and I hope he gets BRIN. Although I know it’s tough for a father to get custody. I think in this case BETHANNY has soooo many skeletons in that closet of hers that he might have a chance. We all know she’s crazy. Super unstable and neurotic. Her language is horrible , she has No values , and I would pray that a judge would look out for Brins welfare. The other issue is she will be non stop going and a child should not be subjected to that! A child should not be left with a nanny either if the father can keep her and wants to. I totally believe that this child’s welfare is in grave danger with a mother like BETHANNY. She is a proven liar and used Jason just to have the baby! Think about it, BETHANNY did an about face the minute BRIN was born. All of a sudden she disliked Jason’s parents ,she didn’t want to do anything but degrade him and she was crying all the time at how she was done sooo wrong by her mother!!! I don’t know if it was all her mother after seeing how crazy BETHANNY is. Jason if you read this please go after her for what you need and to keep BRIN safe! Don’t let them bully you! You did ALOT of the deal making and all the work putting it together while BETHANNY was flitting around seeing her therapist ect… BUT YOU DESERVE TO BE TAKEN CARE OF AND TO TAKE CARE OF BRIN! We will be praying for you! I think BETHANNY is done! This makes her a very hated woman regardless of being a single mom! She’s not a mom she’s a loony tune!