Jennifer Lopez to Have Babies With Casper Smart?

Monday, December 31, 2012

JENNIFER Lopez‘s toy boy Casper Smart is determined to secure a place in the superstar singer’s life — by getting her pregnant!

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Smart, 25, is keen to have a baby with the mother of two.

“Casper’s been pushing the baby subject for months, and got real specific when he told her that the only Christmas present he wanted from her was to agree to have his baby,” a source said.

“It now looks like he’ll get his wish because Jennifer’s finally agreed to do her best to get pregnant early in the New Year!”

Lopez already raises twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony.



  • Val

    Good job Casper! That’s a great idea but she can say yes and……? You know what I mean. Any way Good luck!

  • Val

    I am back cause they keep saying it’s showbiz. Logically it’s not wrong cause they are living together during more than a year. Now they are supposed to have something done whatever kids marriage or break up( I hope not). If a man asking a woman for pregnancy that’s mean they are in a good relation. They keep talking because Casper doesn’t have money but she already knew that. If he goes to to school he can be whatever he wants. She needed to be stable with someone she could pick any star in Hollywood. Having Casper as a single man I’m not gonna be in trouble that’s all cause she’s smart. She didn’t pick Casper because she was stupid. You can marry with your husband or wife you don’t ou love each other you just want survive a situation and after few years you break up. Only your heart can explain that. She loves him and she feels oke with him. Love…….? Give her a break let her live her life.