Hillary Clinton: Brain Cancer Scare?

Monday, December 31, 2012

HILLARY Clinton allegedly has brain cancer.

On Sunday, the Secretary of State was hospitalized in New York City and disclosed that she was battling a blood clot that had formed following her head concussion earlier this month!

“Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion,” Philippe Reines, a State Department senior adviser said. “They will determine if any further action is required.”

But, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Clinton’s health worries are far worse than we realize!

“Behind the scenes, Hillary has suffered blinding headaches, problems with her vision and memory, plus terrifying blackouts – and those closest to her say she’s hiding a brain cancer secret,” a source revealed.

“If Hillary is indeed diagnosed with brain cancer, the fear that she could die in a manner of months has devastated those in her inner circle.

“This has been covered up for months, but details of Hillary’s cancer situation are beginning to leak out, and it’s the real reason she’s giving up her position as secretary of state.”[imagebrowser id=917]


  • Gonsalvo Ballsack

    Bubba-Bill wiped his joint on everything on two legs (and some on four), then passed the cooties on to Hills. She’s therefore got hump-hump brain-rot. God Bless her.

  • Wilibaldo Huerta

    if she has brain cancer,she must try with aloe vera shot in the brain,combine the medical treatment,and maybe she can give hope to millions of people who will suffer cancer because this illness will kill,millions in the next years.