Kate Middleton and Prince William: Baby Will Have Modern Upbringing

Monday, December 31, 2012

KATE Middleton and Prince William are set to be a little different when they welcome their first child next year.

The pair — who are the future king and queen of England — are determined to make a break from the past when they welcome their first child.

“They want to raise the baby on their own terms,” a source said.

“William and Kate’s child will have a modern upbringing.”

William’s and Kate’s baby will be raised in Kensington Palace, surrounded by security and taught to bow or curtsy from the day they can walk.

“William is painfully aware of what it’s like to grow up with the burden of being the future monarch hanging over your head.

“Your whole life is mapped out for you. They want their child to have as normal a childhood as they can manage.”

As previously reported on ShowbizSpy, Kate has been chowing down scones with jam and clotted cream!

“Kate has been craving scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream,” said a source.

“She can’t get enough of it. And she washes it down with a cup of old-fashioned English-breakfast tea.

“Some women eat raw onions when they’re pregnant, but Kate’s joked that she’s keeping it classy. It’s just a shame she can’t keep her food down for long!” [imagebrowser id=1187]