Brad Pitt’s Wrinkles Ruin His Career?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

BRAD Pitt‘s aging face is alienating his fans!

According to a new report, the actor’s handlers have told Pitt his stubborn insistence on letting his facial wrinkles show is killing his career – because his legions of admirers are shocked by the sudden loss of his boyish good looks.

Pitt first caused trouble with his controversial Chanel No. 5 ad campaign featuring huge posters showing him looking weathered and aged — all because he refused to allow any photo retouching.

Brad’s handlers even begged him to let the folks behind his recent movie flop Killing Them Softly use a soft focus lens that would smooth his wrinkles, but Brad told them he wants to keep it real.

“I’ve accepted the way I look and both you and my fans better accept it as well. I’m getting older – and the lines on my face aren’t going anywhere,” he said.


  • angie.

    It’s time to use a botox.

    • Angie the w h o r e

      look at me Brad

  • jilly

    He looks like a hag and that’s not because of his age. The stress of being stuck with Jolie the HO and six kids is showing on his face. Clooney is older than Brad and looks wonderful without botox. Is that picture really Brad? Good job…

  • anon

    It’s time to learn how to “act”. A fan should like you for your acting ability not for the way you look. If he learned how to act, instead of being the same one dimensional character his looks wouldn’t be a problem.

    • mary

      You are right.

  • Jason Haaven

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    • angie lover

      Their F logo.


    Jennifer Aniston – People’s Choice Awards 2013 Winner!

    • jilly

      She looks beautiful, love her! Brad’s wrinkles are the reminder of how stupid he’s been for leaving Jen and getting with the HO.

    • Crystal

      Oh yeah! She is a real People person…A true Gem when she thinks no one of importance is around.

  • Toby

    What career?

    • jilly

      He thinks he has one, just like his partner! :)

      • alessandra

        Hollywood and most of the world says they both do! :)

      • CotyPhillips

        True. Not to mention Ellen seems to really adore Brad and the work he has done for the Ninth District in New Orleans.

    • CotyPhillips

      A career that has earned him roughly $170 million. And that have inspired countless magazines covers as well as ad campaigns.What rock have you been living under?

  • Aly

    I think Brad still looks great, but if he wanted to smooth out his wrinkles he would just need a few quick injections of dermal fillers.

  • Crystal

    Brad Pitt is Amazing looking at any age.
    BAFTA 2014.