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Britney Spears Spending $150k on Makeover

Posted by Adam

[imagebrowser id=1160] BRITNEY Spears has splashed out $150,000 on a head-to-toe makeover.

The singer is planning a full-body overhaul which will include a strict diet and exercise program along with extensive plastic surgery to her body and face.

“She’s unhappy when she sees photos of herself with a very obvious triple chin, and she complains she has fat on her back and stomach,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Britney says she needs to drop 30 pounds and blames her weight struggles on the medications she takes to help her cope with the stress of her hectic career,.

“Britney wants to do as much as she can to her body to improve her appearance. So right after New Year’s she’s going to go full-steam ahead to look wonderful again. She told me the cost of what she’s planning to have done will be $150,000.”

Spears’ plans include having excess eyelid skin removed and a possible brow-lift as well as Botox injections around her mouth, forehead and crow’s feet, lip-plumping injections, and a chemical peel. She also plans to get back into a size 2 dress by undergoing LipoDissolve treatments on her butt, stomach and thighs at a Las Vegas clinic. Those run $1,500 a pop and Britney will need at least 12.

“On top of all that, Britney says she is going to have to go back to a very intense workout regimen. She spent $250,000 to have a gym built and fully stocked with every exercise machine imaginable. She also installed a large sauna,” said the source.

“Britney’s confident that a makeover could patch up things between them.”


  • Greg

    The woman looks good already, i hope she doe’s not mess herself up, to where she doe’s not look good , don’t mess with your legs they are perfect!!!

  • maddox

    F site “Just Jared” promotes Angelina Jolie. Of course – unofficially.
    no money – just an honest jourmalism