Rihanna and Chris Brown to Spend January Together

Thursday, January 3, 2013

RIHANNA plans to spend every single day in January with Chris Brown.

The singer is keen to spend as much as possible with her beau.

“Rihanna wants to spend everyday in January with him in 2013 because she thinks that will cement their relationship,” a source said.

“She be on that whole sentimental stuff all the time.”

On January 2, Chris and Rihanna were seen driving through Hollywood, before stopping at a convenience store to grab some food and an ICEE.

“Rihanna showed her dedication to her boyfriend by wearing a shirt from his collection Black Pyramid.

“It’s the second day in the new year and they just want to be posted up together and Chris cool with that,” the source reveals.

“He’s down for Rihanna right now. He’s on some chill s**t with her right now.”



  • jilly

    Wait till he comes off of that chill shit, God help her this time! She is a crazy chick.

  • jilly

    Where is my comment???